14 juin 2019

Change Management: The Columbo Theory

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Gene Bellinger[Edit][Delete]: Change Management: The Columbo Theory, Systems Thinking [Edit][Delete] March 5, 2006
How do we convince others to accept our view? The author writes, "It depends on whether one can integrate self and other to create selfless. It depends on whether one can integrate dependent and independent to create interdependent. It depends on whether one can develop a sense of self and self-awareness which is independent of the event, and establish an intent, as Senge and Fritz put it, for the pursuit of truth. Not my truth, or your truth, but more of an appropriate truth." What needs to be stressed, I think, is that 'selfless', as described here, does not imply loss of self, nor does 'an appropriate truth' entail loss of one's own truth. These are, if you will, something that needs to emerge from the connectedness and inter-relation, and not be stipulated as requirements for interaction. More...

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11 juin 2019

Harvard Is Bad at Management

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/JustVisitingLogo_white.jpg?itok=K5uvzo_-By John Warner. Shuffling your best employees out the door on a rigid timeline doesn't sound Harvard Business School approved to me. More...

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08 juin 2019

Which companies implement skills management?

France StratégieIn a context of high unemployment, the share of recruitment projects that are considered “difficult” by French companies has increased considerably over the last few years, rising from 32.4% to 44.4% between 2015 and 2018. Candidates’ insufficient training and lack of skills are among the most common reasons highlighted by employers to explain this paradox. Some studies suggest that the French education system is not able to address the labour market’s needs. More...

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05 juin 2019

DRM is a Complete Lie

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Charlie Demerjian[Edit][Delete]: DRM is a Complete Lie, The Inquirer [Edit][Delete] January 24, 2006

Yet another article on DRM roughly paralleling my own (radical?) views on the topic. In a nutshell, "They protect their code in every way possible... This is all done under the guise of protecting content, but that is a lie... If you are a rival company though, you can't really violate such things and get away with it for long... So, you have to license it to play ball, or at least play music and movies. That is the true nature of DRM infections, to keep other big greedy companies out". More...

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Debate on DRM

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Shelley Powers[Edit][Delete]: Debate on DRM, Burningbird [Edit][Delete] January 11, 2006

Good discussion of digital rights management. Read past the initial post and into the comments, where the real action happens. I appreciated, though, the author's comments on debate: she's quite right - the A-listers of the world don't debate, they quip - and usually only to each other. But what happens in the comments is a known-down all-out debate, with some knowledgeable people (Seth Finklestein, Julian Bond, Michael Bernstein) who do debate - and on other peoples blogs. More...

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01 juin 2019

Bpifrance Création - Je développe - Bien connaître les membres de votre équipe

Bpifrance CréationAprès avoir réalisé ce travail de réflexion personnelle, vous serez plus armé à manager vos collaborateurs.
En effet, votre objectif est d’exploiter le plein potentiel de vos équipes en les rendant compétentes et performantes. Pour cela vous devez apprendre à les connaître en les écoutant, en prenant en compte leurs points de vue et leurs modes de fonctionnement.
Vos préjugés seront transformés avec une meilleure compréhension des choses. Ainsi vous serez plus à même de prendre des décisions qui susciteront l’adhésion de vos collaborateurs et accroîtront par conséquence votre leadership.
Chaque humain est unique, et donc la manière de manager est à adapter en fonction de l’individu et de la situation. Plus...

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Bpifrance Création - Je développe - Qui êtes-vous comme manager ?

Bpifrance CréationUne simple question qui vous demandera une certaine humilité dans cette introspection. Mais pour être un manager efficace, il vous est indispensable de bien vous connaître en identifiant vos forces et propres limites.
Pour ce faire, vous pouvez vous poser les questions suivantes :

  • Quelle est votre style de management ?
  • Quelles sont vos forces et faiblesses ?
  • Comment êtes-vous perçu par vos collaborateurs directs ?
  • Quelles sont les choses qui vous n’aimez pas faire ?
  • Quelles sont les axes d’améliorations. Plus...

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Bpifrance Création - Je développe - Comment être un manager efficace ?

Bpifrance CréationVotre entreprise a atteint une certaine taille, vos fonctions ont beaucoup évolué et avec plus de responsabilités. Aujourd’hui vous ne pouvez plus être seul(e), polyvalent(e), omniprésent(e) comme lorsque vous étiez créateur d’entreprise. Vous voici en train de diriger de l’humain, a un sujet passionnant et exigeant. Plus...

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28 mai 2019

A Collaborative Way of Learning Project Management with Minecraft

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. A Collaborative Way of Learning Project Management with Minecraft
Claudia Alcelay, International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning, 2019/01/18
This is a short paper (3 page PDF) on the use of Minecraft to support game-based learning for project managers. Minecraft was chosen, writes Claudia Alcelay, because it is collaborative and user actions are traceable. The idea is that students plan their projects, and then enter Minecraft and build according to their project plans. Then they can measure how they performed against what was plan, calculate things like earned value, and essentially emulate the planning and reporting process. More...

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MoodleNet Testing

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. MoodleNet Testing

MoodleNet is at the stage where they're looking for 100 people to test the first iteration. I've signed up and you can too. More...

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