19 avril 2016

Stacking vs. Replacing LMS; Learner as Content Producer

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stacking vs. Replacing LMS; Learner as Content Producer
Elliott Masie, Elliot Masie's Learning Trends, 2016/03/31

Some tereminology from Elliott Masie: "we are seeing more 'Stacking', which means accepting the role of the existing LMS as the base system for the organization and then adding Stacks or Layers on top that will create added and more targeted functionality... In other words, some organizations are shifting from replacing their LMS to adding these technologies on top of the LMS. More...

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13 avril 2016

EFMD Annual Conference, 12-14 June 2016, Rome (Italy)

The LUISS Business School will host the conference under the theme “Collaboration, Creativity & Change”. It is open to participants interested in management education and development and brings together EFMD members, companies, educational institutions and other associations. More...

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06 avril 2016

Enhancing Academic Workload Management

LH Martin InstituteIn Australia, increasing workloads — driven by larger classes, demands for demonstrable research productivity, occupational stress, increased numbers of female part-time academic staff and a desire for improved work/life balance — have seen workload management become a key industrial and management issue. More...

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Managing Tertiary Education Teaching and Learning

LH Martin InstituteThis online subject provides students with an overview of the key elements of managing effective student learning in tertiary education, including areas such as:

  • International trends in mass-scale, cross-border and on-line tertiary education;
  • New market entrants and new business models in the provision of tertiary study;
  • Introducing new information and communication technologies to teaching and learning;
  • Designing and assessing student learning;
  • Managing student expectations;
  • Assessing and improving teaching quality;
  • Internationalising the curriculum. More...

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Budgeting & Financial Management for Tertiary Education Managers

LH Martin InstituteGiven the decrease in funding for the sector, managing budgets within a tertiary education context brings particular challenges and requires a unique understanding of how organisations operate and the financial systems which support their activities. More...

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04 avril 2016

An investigation into the management of online teaching and learning spaces: A case study involving graduate research students

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningThis research evaluates the strategies implemented to support the research activities of postgraduate students pursuing online master’s programs in the University of the West Indies Open Campus, as well as the activities of their supervisors. More...

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Introducing a learning management system at a Russian university: Students' and teachers' perceptions

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningLearning management systems (LMS) have been proven to encourage a constructive approach to knowledge acquisition and support active learning. One of the keys to successful and efficient use of LMS is how the stakeholders adopt and perceive this learning tool. The present research is therefore motivated by the importance of understanding teachers' and students' perceptions of LMS in order to anticipate possible issues (problems) and help to build a productive learning environment and a committed user community. More...

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03 avril 2016

Wheaton College Selects Schoology As New LMS In Surprise Decision

By . Schoology, a social cloud-based LMS known mostly used in the K-12 market, has set its sights on expanding into the higher education market using their recent $32 million funding round. Last January, Colorado State University’s Global Campus selected Schoology to replace Blackboard Learn, yet the market impact of this decision was limited, partially due to the non-traditional nature of the online-only campus. More...

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Barnes & Noble Education Buys LMS Provider LoudCloud Systems For $17.9 Million

By . Yesterday morning Barnes & Noble Education, the owner of 743 college bookstores and related services, announced the acquisition of LMS provider LoudCloud Systems for $17.9 million in cash. LoudCloud provides a traditional LMS for general higher education and K-12 needs, and they are best known for their customer Grand Canyon University, a for-profit provider and partial investor. More...

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Dammit, the LMS: The Play at Home Game

By . A while back, I wrote a rant about why LMSs fail to evolve. It got some…notoriety. Since Phil and I are now writing a bi-weekly column for the Chronicle‘s new Re:Learning section, I thought I’d try trimming down the piece and rewriting it for a general audience. It was an interesting exercise. More...

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