20 avril 2019

A Jesuit University Without History or Philosophy?

HomeBy Greg Toppo. Wheeling Jesuit eliminates all majors in liberal arts, keeping pre-professional programs and athletics. Many tenured professors are losing jobs. More...

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19 avril 2019

A Future for the Humanities

HomeDavid Steiner and Mark Bauerlein describe how such studies can best succeed and even flourish in the midst of our technocratic age. More...

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11 avril 2019

The Living Arts

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Living Arts
Brad Carson has very kindly sent along a 1 megabyte version of this PowerPoint presentation - the talk I gave in Guelph - to replace the 7 megabyte version I posted last week. He also tells me how I could have done it in a few seconds myself: "1. Double-click an image in the presentation; 2. Click the 'Compress' button; 3. Select 'All Pictures in document' and 'Web/Screen resolution'; 4. Click OK; 5. Save (with a different filename if you want to be safe), compare and marvel." By Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web, June 3, 2005 [Refer][Research][Reflect]. More...

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09 avril 2019

Launch of the video and summary report 'GUNi 2018 International Conference Humanities and Higher Education'

Guni NetworkThe video and report intends to offer a summary of the GUNi International Conference on Humanities and Higher Education: Generating Synergies between Science, Technology and Humanities, held on November 2018 in Barcelona. More...

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05 avril 2019

Securing a future for humanities: the clue is in the name

The GuardianYour editorial in defence of the humanities (13 March) is well timed and well argued. The UK needs the contribution of Stem graduates and that made by graduates with knowledge, skills and understanding gained through study of the humanities and wider social sciences. More...

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The Guardian view on humanities degrees: art for society’s sake

The GuardianTo reduce tuition fees while providing top-up grants only for sciences would distort higher education. We need history, poetry and French as well as Stem subjects. More...

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03 avril 2019

Trump Seeks to Ax Humanities Endowment

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. For third year in a row, he also seeks to kill National Endowment for the Arts. Congress has rejected those proposals in the past. More...

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01 avril 2019

Academic Prioritization or Killing the Liberal Arts?

HomeAn English professor laments the downsizing of liberal arts and humanities programs and departments by college administrators bent on promoting more "job-oriented" disciplines. More...

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18 mars 2019

Entre nomenclatures SHS, des disparités notables

hceres.frCette analyse propose une approche a minima des similitudes entre les différentes nomenclatures. En effet, la comparaison s’est faite sur les noms de revues extraits de chacune des nomenclatures après un nettoyage sommaire des listes. Il est possible qu’en raison d’orthographes différentes certaines revues n’aient pas été reconnues comme identiques. Il s’agit seulement d’un constat chiffré qui donne le nombre de revues communes ou uniques aux différentes nomenclatures mais il n’y a pas eu, à ce jour, d’exploration plus approfondie sur les revues elles-mêmes.

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15 mars 2019

How E-Reading Threatens Learning in the Humanities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. How E-Reading Threatens Learning in the Humanities
Naomi S. Baron, The Chronicle: Commentary, Jul 16, 2014
Having made my living somehow as a student of the humanities, and having read extensively both in the paper-based and digital forms of long and short text, I think I'm in a good position to discuss this commentary in the Chronicle (where else?) from Naomi S. Baron explaining why digital reading is so impoverished. More...

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