03 mai 2016

Opération Phénix, 10e édition

logo Entreprise & CarrièresPar Laurent Gérard. La 10e édition de l’Opération Phénix est lancée ce 12 avril à la Cité internationale universitaire de Paris. Depuis dix ans, elle fait le lien entre les entreprises et le monde universitaire, en proposant aux étudiants et aux diplômés de master 2 recherche en lettres, sciences humaines et sciences des postes en CDI et CDD d’ordinaire réservés aux profils issus d’écoles de commerce ou d’ingénieurs. Voir l'article...

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30 avril 2016

First non-STEM Athena SWAN winners named

By Jack Grove. Durham, Edinburgh and Queen’s University Belfast pick up inaugural awards for arts, humanities and social science departments. More...

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A new teaching model for art schools?

By Matthew Reisz. Distance learning master’s courses announced by Falmouth pose the question of whether creative skills can be taught online. More...

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New College of the Humanities offers its first MA

By Matthew Reisz. New course in historical research follows decision to cut undergraduate fees a year early. More...

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29 avril 2016

Humanistic Studies and the T-Shaped Professional

The EvoLLLutionBy Steven Laymon - EvoLLLution. Thinking about the liberal arts or professional training as two separate entities rather than finding ways to tie them together limits the development of an innovative and entrepreneurial economy. More...

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28 avril 2016

Could a liberal arts approach to online learning be more successful?

eCampus NewsBy Andrew Barbour. As working adults become the norm in higher education, the focus of many colleges and universities has shifted to online education, with its promise of flexibility and convenience. More...

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25 avril 2016

The Gap Between Liberal Arts Values and EdTech Practices

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/technology_and_learning_blog_header.jpg?itok=aQthgJ91By Joshua Kim. How is it that edtech companies, companies that are mostly staffed by people who are dedicated to advancing learning, are so often viewed with mixed feelings by so many faculty. Read more...

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President of Ireland Affirms Value of the Humanities

HomeThe president of Ireland said that universities are facing "a moment of intellectual crisis" in which their purpose is in question, The Irish Times reported. In an address to the European University Association conference, President Michael D. Higgins warned against the reduction of the purpose of universities to "narrow professional training" and said that future generations would see a withdrawal from the humanities as a “betrayal of the purpose of education". Read more...

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24 avril 2016

Moving Beyond Op-Eds

HomeBy W. Robert Connor. A friend who teaches classics at a fine liberal arts college told me that she had met the president of the institution walking across campus. He greeted her, and they chatted for a few seconds. Read more...

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Adding Good Data to Good Stories

HomeBy Paula M. Krebs. Several dozen faculty members, administrators, employers, and others recently came together to discuss how to measure student success in the humanities. Read more...

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