06 juillet 2019

Lo que el dinero no debería comprar según Michael Sandel, un Sócrates de la era digital

The ConversationEl profesor de Harvard Michael Sandel, Premio Princesa de Asturias de Ciencias Sociales 2018, reivindica el papel del diálogo filosófico para revitalizar la democracia y frenar el poder del dinero. More...

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'Power Trip' and Energy Studies as a Liberal Arts Major

By Joshua Kim. With a list of 8 other books on energy that I’ve reviewed for IHE.
Is energy an academic discipline? Are there academic departments of energy? Can students at liberal arts institutions major in energy. More...

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04 juillet 2019

Oxford Receives $188 Million for Humanities

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The University of Oxford has announced a $188 million gift from Stephen A. Schwarzman, the co-founder of Blackstone, to create a center to promote innovation in teaching and research in the humanities. The center will also be home to a new Institute for Ethics in AI. Oxford says the gift is the largest single donation it has received since the Renaissance. More...

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22 juin 2019

TEACHENER Final Conference on "Social Sciences and Humanities at Universities of Technology"

Guni NetworkTEACHENER is a transnational Strategic Partnership (2016-2019) that involves 7 organisations from both social and technical sciences dealing with energy issues in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Spain. The goal of TEACHENER is to fill the gap between social sciences and humanities (SSH) and energy teaching at universities in Europe and contribute to enhance the socio-technical perspective in the current education of energy engineers. More...

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Media Release: UQ HASS Faculty Board rejects Ramsay Centre – again

At an extraordinary meeting on Monday 20 May, the Board of Studies of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) at the University of Queensland (UQ) voted once again not to approve the proposed curriculum for a program in “Western Civilisation” sponsored by the Ramsay Centre. The meeting was an extraordinary meeting convened especially to consider a revised version of the Ramsay program. More...

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18 juin 2019

« Nous avons renforcé l’enseignement des humanités »

HeadwayBlog Headway - Olivier Rollot. Et d’abord sur le grand enjeu qui est de travailler sur les nouvelles compétences nécessaires aux managers de 2030 : « sociales et émotionnelles » (leadership, empathie, interculturalité, etc.), « cognitives » (esprit critique, traitement d’informations complexes) et « technologiques » pour maîtriser les nouveaux outils. Sa vision de la business school des années 2020. Plus...

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14 juin 2019

Russell Group scraps preferred A-levels list after arts subjects hit

The GuardianArts education organisations have welcomed a decision by the Russell Group of research-led universities to scrap its controversial list of preferred A-levels, after long-running criticism that it has contributed to a devaluation of arts subjects. More...

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If we don't protect arts education, we'll lose the next generation of performers

The GuardianThe UK has long enjoyed a global reputation as a centre for excellence in the performing arts, both as an exporter of talent and a destination of choice for lovers of culture. We gain a lot emotionally from the industry, which boosts our mental and physical health. More...

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12 juin 2019

If we don't protect arts education, we'll lose the next generation of performers

The GuardianFunding cuts risk undermining the performing arts, but they deserve our support. More...

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Brazilian universities fear Bolsonaro plan to eliminate humanities and slash public education budgets

The ConversationTens of thousands of students and professors protested nationwide on May 30 against a Jair Bolsonaro administration proposal to slash Brazil’s public education budget and starve university humanities departments of resources. More...

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