22 mars 2015

New high-tech forum advises government on innovation

By Michael Gardner. A new committee has been created to advise the federal government on issues concerning its high-tech policies. The High-Tech Forum consists of experts from politics, science and society. Read more...

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16 mars 2015

University transforms student services with app platform innovation

eCampus NewsAccording to the University of Maryland, which has partnered with rSmart and Internet2, the University will provide access to approximately 130 campus services in one location, from any computer or mobile device. More...

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09 mars 2015

Universities at the heart of innovation

HomeBy Paul Davidson. Students today demand choice and New Brunswick’s universities offer tremendous diversity and quality across the disciplines. In focus, languages, geography and size, they offer the choice in programs and experiences that allow students to find their best pathway to a rewarding career – be they from New Brunswick or New Delhi. More...

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Innovation key to future of universities

HomeBy Paul Davidson. In every recession we see shifts in employment outcomes for graduates that rebound as conditions improve. But even recent graduates coming out of a degree program in the midst of the economic downturn are faring very well in the labour market today. Statistics Canada’s 2013 National Graduate Survey reveals that just three years after completion well over 90% of bachelor’s graduates are employed – and almost 85% in full-time jobs. Their average income is some $53,000 – effectively at the outset of their careers. The unemployment rate for these recent graduates was just 5%. More...

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Disruptive Innovation in Universities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Disruptive Innovation in Universities
Stephen Downes, Mar 04, 2015, 4th International Conference e-Learning and Distance Education, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Panel discussion on the nature of disruptive innovations, MOOCs and disruptive innovation, and how and whether universities should adapt. More...

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07 mars 2015

L'innovation au coeur de l'Ile-de-France

lesmetiers.netPar Sandrine Damie. Parmi les 31 pôles de compétitivité que compte la France, la région Ile-de-France abrite Cap Digital, le pôle de compétitivité et de transformation numérique. Cap Digital a pour vocation de créer ou stimuler les liens entre les acteurs du numérique, soutenir la R&D, l'innovation collaborative, contribuer à la croissance des entreprises du numérique et celles entrant dans les marchés en transformation par le numérique. Voir l'article...

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02 mars 2015

Quand l’innovation pédagogique peut déplaire (faire peur) aux (très bons) étudiants,… Pas de panique !

http://blog.educpros.fr/jean-charles-cailliez/files/2013/04/blog-jean-charles-caillez2.jpgSur le blog Educpros de Jean-Charles Cailliez. Texte complet en format PDF à télécharger sur : Les étudiants n’aiment pas toujours le DIY
Les étudiants aiment-ils vraiment les innovations pédagogiques ? Tout au moins peut-on (doit-on) se demander si tous les étudiants aiment toutes les innovations pédagogiques ? That is the question. Suite de l'article...

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Penn State’s $30M innovation initiative

eCampus NewsBy . Pennsylvania State University is investing $30 million to bring awareness to student innovations, boost student success, spur economic development, and shine a spotlight on the university system’s Innovation Park at Penn State. More...

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01 mars 2015

U.S. Proposes Rules for Higher Ed Innovation Program

HomeThe U.S. Education Department is today proposing rules for carrying out the First in the World Program, the Obama administration's effort to stimulate innovation in higher education. The notice, published in Monday's Federal Register, lays out the priorities the department will use in awarding the program's grants in 2016. Read more...

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22 février 2015

Electronic Innovation >>>

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/linguafranca-45.pngBy . My expertise in the conventions of texting and Twitter and Instagram, compared with the expertise of the undergraduate students I work with, is <.
Actually, it is <<<<<. More...

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