13 septembre 2018

Community Learning Networks Initiative

Community Learning Networks Initiative
For those of you in Canada, The Office of Learning Technologies is inviting Expressions of Interest under the Community Learning Networks (CLN) initiative. CLN supports cost-shared community-based pilot projects. More...

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10 septembre 2018

eLearning Africa – Where opportunity meets innovation

Some of the biggest names in global education and technology will be attending the upcoming eLearning Africa conference – the largest in Africa on learning, training and technology – to be held in Kigali, Rwanda, later this month. More...

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4IR – The heartbeat of university innovation

By Edwin Naidu. South African universities are embracing the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital industrial revolution, better known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). More...

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08 septembre 2018

NOVAQ 2018 : festival de l’innovation en Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Aquitaine Cap MétiersL’édition 2018 du Festival régional de l’innovation, NOVAQ, se tiendra du 13 au 15 septembre au Hangar 14 à Bordeaux. Plus...

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06 septembre 2018

Chasing Ghosts: How the focus on innovation in development has gone down the wrong path

Chasing Ghosts: How the focus on innovation in development has gone down the wrong path
David de Ferranti, Thomas Feeny, Nathaniel Heller, Results for Development, 2018/08/02
I think we see the same trends in education, especially where education overlaps with development, as in the case of OER. What trends? These: "the continued obsession with finding the new 'what works' solution may be quickly trumped by decision-makers’ tendencies to back solutions based on who surfaces them rather than what the evidentiary basis says about the same solution." The authors call for fewer flashy pilot projects, better bases in research, and more grounding for innovators in the social and political realities on the ground. More...

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Learning and Training Innivations

Learning and Training Innivations
George Siemens turned me to toward this new online learning magazine. Well, not new - this is volume 4, number 5. But the format is definitely worth nothing. I really like the page-turner, slide-bar, and table of content tabs. The magazine actually feels like a magazine, even when I read it online. More...

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26 août 2018

L'innovation dans le travail

CEETQuelle place occupent l'innovation et la création dans le champ du travail et de l’emploi ? Dans les organisations, la profusion des outils de gestion introduits par les managers a conduit à brouiller la frontière entre les « véritables » innovations et un mouvement d’adaptation-imitation permanent, d’autant que les transformations se superposent, se télescopent et restent souvent inabouties. Plus...

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22 août 2018

4 Ways to Fine-Tune Academic Innovation in Higher Ed

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Getting faculty to try out new technologies can be a challenge. And while many universities have established programs to foster digital innovation campuswide, their efforts are constantly evolving with new developments in teaching and learning and changing mindsets around learning analytics, learning design and more. More...

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18 août 2018

Ensemencer l’écosystème de l’innovation au service de l’emploi

Avec l’Emploi Store Développeurs, Pôle emploi met à la disposition de développeurs, startups, freelances, entreprises ou associations, des données produites et/ou référencées par ses équipes afin de favoriser la création de services innovants pour l’emploi. Plus...

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Pôle emploi - Une communauté dédiée à l’innovation

Avec l’Emploi Store Idées, Pôle emploi a créé une plateforme d’innovation collaborative fondé sur le crowdsourcing. Objectif ? Mettre en relation les besoins des utilisateurs avec des professionnels du développement à l’affût de tendances et d’opportunités. Plus...

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