10 mars 2019

EUA focus group points to innovation mission as key challenge for universities in the next decade

On 1 February, 15 university leaders and managers from 13 European countries gathered at the EUA focus group hosted by Aalborg University in Denmark to discuss the role of universities in innovation ecosystems and exchange views on the findings of a study on the topic soon to be published by EUA. More...

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Universities and innovation: beyond the third mission

The new EUA report “The role of universities in innovation ecosystems” gives clear examples of this trend. It is based on nine in-depth case studies from around Europe and more than 170 interviews with students, researchers and university leaders, as well as industry and government representatives. More...

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07 mars 2019

Building a Nation of Innovators

By Alex Usher. OK, so I was going to share with you some interesting research from Europe and elsewhere on Individual Learning Accounts, which everyone in Ottawa seems to think are going to be A Big Deal in the upcoming budget. More...

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04 mars 2019

Guess what? Higher-ed innovation & student success starts with wi-fi

eCampus NewsThe University of Arkansas at Little Rock shares invaluable insight from transitioning 2.9 million square feet into mobile-first indoor spaces. More...

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21 ways to empower students, innovators, and institutions

eCampus NewsHigher education is long overdue for a refresh–and that refresh could be achieved by moving to empower students, institutions, and innovators, according to a new whitepaper. More...

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03 mars 2019

Guest Post: A Definition of Academic Innovation

By Joshua Kim. For most of the past 2500 years innovation was understood with a modifier: political innovation, social innovation, technological innovation, etc. The concept of innovation in general is, more than any other in the 21st Century, the dominant ideology behind educational policy and praxis change. More...

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The Case Against Learning Innovation

By Joshua Kim. Making an argument against learning innovation requires that we first define what learning innovation is.  The challenge is that everyone within and without of higher education seems to define learning innovation in whichever way will support their newest project or initiative. More...

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Upstairs, Downstairs

By Matt Reed. Sunday at the League for Innovation conference encapsulated the tensions in my job just about as well as anyone ever has, mostly without trying. It was jarring. More...

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02 mars 2019

Scenes From Innovations 2019

HomeBy Doug Lederman. The conference on community college transformation features discussions of bringing about systemic change, the promise of open education and the right and wrong ways to get faculty buy-in. More...

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27 février 2019

Stimulate Innovation? Yes, but Not DeVos’s Way

HomeExpanding access to lower-cost and more flexible training programs must be tied to measurable job outcomes, General Assembly officials argue. More...

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