25 août 2019

Closing the GCSE attainment gap can’t be up to schools alone

The GuardianReaders discuss the disparity between rich and poor pupils in exams, and ways to improve social mobility. More...

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Social class still stops too many pupils from fulfilling their A-level potential

The GuardianA record number of disadvantaged students have been accepted into university this year, but there’s a long way to go. More...

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Inequality and ‘affordable’ housing

The GuardianStudent loans and the willingness of students to share rents in multiple occupancy housing has driven the conversion of many affordable homes into highly profitable buy-to-let premises. Just look at the cost of buying a first home in any university town. More...

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School fees undermine public education’s commitment to equity

The ConversationI’m looking at $85 per child in school fees for the 2019-2020 school year at my sons’ public high school. It breaks down like this: $35 to support clubs, teams, councils and athletics; $35 for the yearbook; $10 for an athletics T-shirt; $5 for an agenda. More...

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24 août 2019

Get rid of private schools? We’d be better tackling inequalities between state schools

The ConversationWith more than half of Britain’s senior judges, top civil servants and diplomats also privately educated – not to mention substantial numbers in the media, arts and sport – the UK continues to be a country run and dominated by a privately educated minority. More...

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21 août 2019

Unintentionally Fostering Inequality

HomeFood-delivery robots are a perfect metaphor for a culture of entitlement that divides students from each other on campuses as well as from the rest of society, argues Clara M. Lovett. More...

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07 juillet 2019

Black academics 'can't fight race inequality alone'

The GuardianOthers need to play their part in closing the 13% attainment gap at university, say overworked ethnic minority staff and students. More...

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06 juillet 2019

Débat : Ce que dit la sociologie sur les origines des inégalités scolaires

The ConversationDe tous ces points de vue, l’école unique se présente comme celle de l’égalité des chances. Son dispositif a été mis en place entre 1959, quand le décret Berthoin porte l’obligation scolaire à seize ans, invitant ainsi tous les élèves à prolonger leur parcours au-delà de l’enseignement élémentaire, et 1975, lorsque la réforme Haby institue le collège unique. Plus...

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Rich private colleges in the U.S. are fuelling inequality – and right-wing populism

The ConversationOberlin College in Ohio recently lost what began as a US$44.2 million defamation lawsuit because of its involvement in student protests against alleged racial profiling at a local bakery. More...

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04 juillet 2019

‘Unequal Higher Education’

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Large gaps separate the haves and have-nots in American higher education, whether talking about students, instructors or institutions. A new book, Unequal Higher Education: Wealth, Status and Student Opportunity (Rutgers University Press), focuses on these gaps and their impact on students. More...

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