29 septembre 2019

Ghana: Gandhi jugé raciste, sa statue retirée d’un campus

Dans certains de ses écrits, Gandhi, qui a vécu en Afrique du Sud entre 1893 et 1914, faisait référence aux Noirs du pays en tant que «cafres», un terme péjoratif utilisé par les Blancs à cette époque, et les qualifiait «d’indigènes non civilisés». Plus...

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Sciences Po rend hommage à son ancienne élève Simone Veil

Quelques heures après l’annonce du décès de l’ancienne magistrate, ministre et académicienne, l’Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris a publié un texte racontant les années d’études de la diplômée de la promo 1948. Plus...

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Quand Jean d’Ormesson racontait son bizutage à l’École normale supérieure

Avant de devenir journaliste et écrivain, Jean d’Ormesson est passé par les bancs du prestigieux lycée Henri IV et l’École normale supérieure. Il a obtenu l’agrégation de philosophie en 1949. Plus...

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Le roi Henri IV ne voulait plus d’université à Nantes, cette ville «pas assez sûre»

Des archives mises en avant par l‘atelier de paléographie de Rennes montrent que deux missives du roi Henri IV, en 1589 et 1591, avaient pour objectif de délocaliser l’université de Nantes vers Rennes pour des raisons politiques. Plus...

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27 septembre 2019

1880-1980 : un siècle de lycée à travers quatre générations

Un ouvrage très complet et accessible à tous retrace l’évolution de l’enseignement en France à travers les témoignages de lycéens de 1880 à 1980, retraçant l’ouverture des lycées aux jeunes filles à la généralisation de la mixité. Plus...

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By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Upcoming
Bee recommended this site on the TALO list a few minutes ago and it certainly looks like it's worth more time. Upcoming is a social events calendar generated by the contributions of members. Sort of like social networking for calendars. It sent me to the Toronto page (it must have read my .ca address and, well, just assumed) and lists everything from mesh, BarCamp, PodCamp and Idea City. More...

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I Am the Canadian Poster Boy of High-Tech Attention Deficit

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. I Am the Canadian Poster Boy of High-Tech Attention Deficit
This would be pretty funny if it weren't such a sad commentary on out media, not merely for using a photo of Brian Lamb and his laptop out of context, but in pandering to a resurgent anti-computer and anti-networking sentiment. Lamb links to another story: "wireless network might be used by terrorists," the headline screams. Well, yeah. But "Terrorists might also use our bus service to move about the city undetected." What is with these scare stories? Are the authorities really losing control. More...

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Applying the 80-20 Rule

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Applying the 80-20 Rule
Jane Hart asks, if "you have a £100,000 budget to spend this year, does that mean if you apply the 80-20 rule, you really only have as little as £20,000 to spend on formal learning? So what on earth do you do with the other £80,000?" It's a good question. And the answer is, of course, "access to 'learning' when they need it and just in time to do a task." But what does that look like? Because I access our organization's online resources basically never. How do you get people to look at them when they're needed, is ever? You have to look at the work flow. If you have a wiki, but staff have to stop what they're doing and open it up to use it, then they mostly likely won't. If you have a blog but staff have to access blogspot every day to use it, they won't. Because it's not part of their workflow. More...

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The News From Second Life

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The News From Second Life: An Interview with Peter Ludlow
Interesting set of interviews with Peter Ludlow (Part One, Part Two), who is both "muckraking journalist in Second Life [and] a professor in the department of Philosophy and Linquistics at the University of Michigan." The conversation is both fascinating and infuriating. I nod with agreement when Ludlow says, of the Avastar (a PDF-based Second Life newspaper), "They had an opportunity to come to this strange and fantastic new place where all the rules can be rewritten, and the only thing they could think of doing was coming up with a product that mimics meat space newspapers as much as possible." But I dislike the combative response to criticisms of Second Life. More...

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Universities Register for Virtual Future

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Universities Register for Virtual Future
According to this article, "more than 70 universities have built island campuses in Second Life." I have been asking people what it is that appeals about Second Life, and the answer seems to be 'presence' (that should make Terry Anderson happy). OK, I see that, but how is presence in Second Life different than, say, presence in a chatroom? Or maybe it isn't - I've seen no real slowdown in chatrooms per se, it's just that nobody makes a big fuss about them any more. I think that what we are seeing is a return to the familiar. It's not just presence, it's environment. That's probably what bothers me about it, too. That kind of environment never did anything for me. All the capabilities and freedoms I got by moving online, I lose again when I'm in a 2L lecture. More...

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