08 novembre 2018

History of Canadian PSE Part V (to 1993)

By Alex Usher. The economic and fiscal history of Canada from the early 70s to the mid-90s is one long, bad disaster movie (the Cassandra Crossing, say).  Unemployment went over 6% in 1974 and didn’t come back down to that level until 2008.  For nearly all of the 1980s, it was over 8% and from 1982 to 1994 it was over 10% half the time.  The Keynesian medicine that was supposed to get us out of such messes simply did not work because the problems were structural. More...

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History of Canadian PSE Part IV (to 1974)

By Alex Usher. The period roughly from 1959 to the oil crisis of 1973-74 is rightly thought of as a Golden Age for higher education in Canada, much as it is in the United States.  Universities ballooned in size and gradually became more research-intensive.  A new class of institutions, community colleges, were added to the system.  Provinces finally got around to thinking systemically about higher education, and electorates were broadly tolerant about spending any amount of money to expand and improve the system. More...

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History of Canadian PSE Part III (to 1959)

By Alex Usher. During the war years, post-secondary education was essentially on hold.  But immediately afterwards, in the period from 1945-1960, there were some major developments.  The first was dealing with a major surge in enrolments due to returning veterans.  In 1944-45, full-time enrolment was 38,516, slightly below where it was in 1938. More...

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07 novembre 2018

A South African View on Decolonizing Knowledge and Universities – HEPI’s 2018 Annual Lecture

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"This year is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela. So it is fitting that – on 27th November 2018 – it will be HEPI’s first ever Annual Lecture on African higher education. More...

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06 novembre 2018

Baylor launches $1.1B Give Light philanthropic campaign

University Business Magazine logoOn the eve of the University’s 109th anniversary Homecoming, Baylor University officially launched Give Light, a $1.1 billion comprehensive philanthropic campaign for the future of Baylor, during a celebration Nov. 1 on campus. More...

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05 novembre 2018

University backed by George Soros prepares to leave Budapest under duress

University Business Magazine logoIn 1989, as the Soviet Union crumbled and countries across Eastern and Central Europe emerged from decades of political oppression, a group of intellectuals led by the Hungarian-born philanthropist George Soros proposed a university that would help in the transition to democracy from dictatorship. More...

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04 novembre 2018

UNC leader apologizes for university’s role in slavery

University Business Magazine logoThe leader of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill marked the public university’s 225th anniversary with an apology for its role in slavery. More...

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VUL seeking amendment to historic district status

University Business Magazine logoVirginia University of Lynchburg, the oldest institution of higher education in the city, is seeking to remove much of its campus from a historic district designation. More...

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After a long history of service, Delaware State University has a promising future

University Business Magazine logoThe motto that stood at the entrance of Delaware State University for decades is etched on the heart of every student, faculty and staff member who has spent some of the most important moments in their life at 1200 North DuPont Highway. More...

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Constraints spark creativity

University Business Magazine logoThe Renaissance, circa 1600, is the period on which I’ve done much of my work as a scholar and teacher of Shakespeare’s plays. During that time, in England, anything we would think of today as “theatre” was very sparsely furnished. More...

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