30 mai 2018

College removes instructors as students find their #MeToo moment

University Business Magazine logoTwo teachers at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan were removed from the classroom this past semester after students in the college’s film and animation department complained about improper conduct on their part. More...

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Iowa State is making changes in how it deals with sexual assault allegations

University Business Magazine logoIowa State University says it is making changes to how it responds to reports of sexual violence in the wake of recent sexual assault lawsuits, including one that ended Monday in a $47,500 settlement. More...

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28 mai 2018

Sexual assault support varies at universities in BC

One year after a bill came into effect requiring universities in British Columbia (BC) to have sexual assault policies, the support available at different universities varies widely and students are urging the province to fill a funding gap, reports The Canadian PressMore...

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Female students occupy universities over sexual abuse

By María Elena Hurtado. Thousands of female students are occupying facilities at Chilean universities up and down the country, demanding non-sexist education and an end to sexual harassment and abuse. More...

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University to pay out US$500m to sexual abuse victims

By Brendan O’Malley. Attorneys representing 332 survivors of abuse by former Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar in lawsuits against Michigan State University (MSU) and attorneys for the university have announced a global settlement in principle worth US$500 million dollars to victims of his sexual abuse. More...

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Fighting the scourge of sexual violence on campus

By Ayenachew A Woldegiyorgis. Since November 2013, Hanna Tefera had been the director of the university Gender Affairs Directorate at Adama Science and Technology University in Ethiopia. On 18 January 2018 she received a letter of dismissal from her position. No reason was given. Hanna said her removal was sudden and she did not know why it happened. Perhaps, by saying this she was trying to protect herself and those involved from further repercussions. More...

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27 mai 2018

Universities need to give students support after intimate partner abuse

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianThis form of harassment disproportionately affects young people. Educating them on the warning signs could save lives. More...

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Cambridge students demand change of approach to sexual misconduct cases

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianMore than 800 students call for civil standard of proof to be applied in disciplinary cases. More...

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22 mai 2018

No Nobel Prize in Literature This Year

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The Swedish Academy will not award a Nobel Prize in literature this year because of a crisis over sexual abuse allegations against a photographer with close ties to the academy, The New York Times reported. More...

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Law Schools Ask Firms for Harassment Policies

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Yale Law School and other top legal education programs on Monday asked law firms recruiting on their campuses to disclose their workplace harassment policies for summer associates. More...

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