22 juillet 2018

The Problem That Would Not Be Tolerated Elsewhere

HomeDespite a silence that is “brutal,” the medical profession has known for decades that significant numbers are being sexually harassed on campuses, argues Billie Wright Dziech. More...

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04 juillet 2018

'Ongoing sexual abuse charges systematically ignored’

The federal government recently began investigating complaints of sexual harassment by a gynaecologist employed at the University of Southern California. The United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has come to the university because allegations of ongoing assault of female students have reportedly been systematically ignored, writes Kate Kennedy for Inside Higher Ed. More...

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02 juillet 2018

Harcèlement moral et sexuel : comment en est-on arrivé là ?

Focus RH - Gestion de carrière et évolution professionnellePar Gilles Riou. Le législateur inscrira ces notions dans la loi entre 1998 et 2002, les faisant évoluer avec le temps, notamment pour ce qui concerne le harcèlement sexuel, avec en 2012, la reconnaissance qu’une pression grave - quoiqu’unique - suffit à caractériser la chose. Plus...

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25 juin 2018

The big picture: Higher ed's sexual harassment hush money

University Business Magazine logoNearly two-dozen schools across five major college sports conferences have paid millions in sexual harassment settlements in recent years to keep victims quiet. More...

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24 juin 2018

Schools pay millions in sexual harassment settlements

University Business Magazine logoPublic university systems with schools in the nation’s five major athletic conferences paid out more than $10.5 million in settlements related to sexual-harassment claims in 2016 and ’17, according to a Wall Street Journal review of recent settlements, gathered mainly through public-records requests. More...

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18 juin 2018

Addressing sexual harassment as institutional failure

By Christine Dranzoa. In Africa, enrolling in higher education institutions is an aspiration of many young people and their families and represents an investment in their own socio-economic progress. This is why university graduation ceremonies are celebrated with great pomp – the ceremonies anticipate significant long-term benefits. Higher education institutions are the power engine of Africa’s progress. More...

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Students Want Due Process -- With Limited Rights in Sexual Misconduct Cases

HomeBy Emma Whitford. College students support due process rights in campus disciplinary hearings, but they are less supportive when it comes to matters of sexual misconduct, according to survey results from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education released today. More...

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Title IX Complaints Spiked Over 2 Decades

HomeBy Emma Whitford. Complaints under the federal law barring gender discrimination in education increased at least fivefold from 1994 to 2014, and shifted in nature during that time from focusing predominantly on academics to encompassing athletics and sexual harassment in almost equal measure, too, a new study finds. More...

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Why Do Colleges Keep Failing to Prevent Abuse?

HomeBy Greg Toppo. Then last month, it happened again. The Los Angeles Times reported on a University of Southern California gynecologist accused of decades of “serial misconduct” at a student health clinic, accusations now being investigated by police. More...

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17 juin 2018

'Times' Columnist Portrays Athlete as Railroaded by Michigan State

HomeBy Doug Lederman. A column in the sports section of The New York Times asserts that a former Michigan State University football player was twice cleared of sexually assaulting a female student and then found responsible a third time during a proceeding he was not informed about. More...

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