29 septembre 2018

New U.S. sexual misconduct rules bolster rights of accused and protect colleges

University Business Magazine logoEducation Secretary Betsy DeVos is preparing new policies on campus sexual misconduct that would bolster the rights of students accused of assault, harassment or rape, reduce liability for institutions of higher education and encourage schools to provide more support for victims. More...

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How to study abusers: should reading lists come with a content warning?

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianSurvivors of sexual violence shouldn’t be forced to relive their trauma in the classroom. More...

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Universities failing to tackle sex harassment by staff, says report

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianA number of UK universities are failing to tackle sexual predators on their staff as a due to shortcomings in complaints and disciplinary processes, finds a new report. More...

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Progress still too slow in dealing with bullying in academia

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianPostgraduates and early-career researchers most at risk from harassment in universities. More...

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28 septembre 2018

Women say online abuse is barrier to University Challenge

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianYour starter for 10: why are so few women taking part in University Challenge? Former contestants say it’s because they are too intimidated to audition by the barrage of comments, jokes and even abuse they will inevitably face. More...

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27 septembre 2018

Big game days in college football linked with sexual assault

The ConversationSexual assault on college campuses has gotten increased attention in recent years. Much of the attention has been spurred by research, such as a 2009 study that found that nearly one in five female seniors at two anonymous large public universities reported being sexually assaulted since entering college. Plus...

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24 septembre 2018

Beyond Naming to Shame

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Why one scientist spends hours a week putting together a spreadsheet of documented harassment findings, names and all. More...

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Montana Supreme Court Sides With Montana State in Faculty Misconduct Case

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. The Montana Supreme Court sided with Montana State University in a five-year-old case brought by a student who said a professor harassed and raped her, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported. More...

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Professors With Sexual Misconduct in Their Pasts

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Two institutions grapple with how they should deal with revelations of faculty members' histories of sexual misconduct. Court orders reinstatement of one. More...

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Ohio State Professors Condemn Domestic Violence

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Ohio State University professors in the University Senate released a statement Friday condemning domestic and sexual violence, a reference to the recent scandal involving the university's head football coach, Urban Meyer. More...

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