02 février 2020

Where are Men in the Drive to End Violence Against Women?

#MeToo has led to an unprecedented global calling out of men’s use of violence against women — whether harassment, sexual assault or intimate partner violence. In addition, the last 10 years have seen advances in legal protections for survivors of violence and a massive expansion of research on what works, and what does not, to prevent gender-based violence. With all of this, men’s voices and actions, as allies, actors, and as partners in preventing gender-based violence are often either missing or silent. First, we should start by saying what we mean by gender-based violence (GBV). More...

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31 janvier 2020

D’anciens étudiants signent une tribune contre les dérapages sexuels en école de commerce

Après la publication de l’enquête de Mediapart sur les actes sexistes et homophobes en école de commerce, d’anciens étudiants ont publié une tribune. Plus...

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29 janvier 2020

Quantum Aging

By Matt Reed. Abrupt recognitions.
Last week, in passing, I discovered that one of the professors on my dissertation committee -- and someone I considered an institution unto himself -- had been pushed into retirement in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. More...

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NASPA Reports Equitable Services for Accused Students

HomeBy Greta Anderson. Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, an association also known as NASPA, released an investigative report this month about the level of campus services provided to "respondents," or students accused of sexual misconduct. More...

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Psychology Students Train Bystanders

HomeBy Greta Anderson. A Rutgers University Camden psychology professor’s teaching of a bystander intervention program in class helped extend sexual assault prevention training to more than 150 others on campus, the university announced in a press release. More...

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More Epstein Fallout at MIT

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. MIT puts professor on leave over new revelations about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein as it issues anticipated report. More...

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28 janvier 2020

Michigan Provost Accused of Sexual Misconduct

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The university's chief academic officer is placed on leave during investigation into "several" undisclosed allegations of misconduct. More...

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OCR Is About to Rock Our Worlds

HomeATIXA, the association of Title IX administrators I serve as president, anticipates publication of the final Title IX regulations in the Federal Register within the coming weeks. The federal government last issued Title IX regulations in 1975, so this is somewhat unprecedented. More...

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24 janvier 2020

Lutte contre le harcèlement sexuel. Les CSE se sont-ils dotés de référents ?

Depuis le 1er janvier 2019, la loi pour la liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel impose à tous les Comités sociaux et économiques (CSE) de nommer, parmi leurs membres, un référent en matière de lutte contre le harcèlement sexuel et les agissements sexistes (2 pour les entreprises de 250 salariés et plus). Comment les entreprises se sont-elles emparées de cette obligation ? 
Source : https://www.gref-bretagne.com/Actualites/Revue-de-presse/Lutte-contre-le-harcelement-sexuel.-Les-CSE-se-sont-ils-dotes-de-referents

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14 janvier 2020

Third of Cambridge University staff 'have experienced bullying'

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theguardian"Nearly a third of staff at the University of Cambridge say they have experienced bullying and harassment in the workplace, according to an internal survey obtained by the Guardian that revealed what one union called “a culture of bullying” in parts of the institution. More...

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