14 février 2020

My Suicidal High School Years: A Happy-Ending Bullying Story

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. My Suicidal High School Years: A Happy-Ending Bullying Story
"I was bullied for two years in high school. Every day," writes Clay Burrell. "But this story does things differently. It's to the bullied. It tells them that, for me, over 700 consecutive days of bullying in high school was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It just took me a couple decades to realize that." I'm glad Burrell got past being bullied. I'm happy for him. But his perspective is simply wrong. Being bullied is not a good thing. It's not something students should simply have to tolerate. It's not - as Rick Mercer says in his video - enough to say that high school is the worst their lives will get. Because, for people who are bullied, it might not be - it might just be the kick-off to years of fears, depression and anxiety. I'm really glad things worked out for Burrell. More...

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28 janvier 2020

The Next Testing Scandal

HomeDon't dwell on the Varsity Blues scandal, writes Ben Paris. Focus on the ways there are advantages, in plain sight, to cheat. More...

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25 janvier 2020

Soldes et vigilance jusqu’au 31 janvier 2020

Dieccte GuadeloupeSynonymes de « bonnes affaires », les soldes riment parfois avec arnaques. En ce début d’année 2020, en Guadeloupe, les soldes sont prévues du 4 janvier au 31 janvier. Plus...

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23 janvier 2020

Flagrant délit de tromperie sur l’origine des tomates en Bretagne

Screenshot-2018-5-4 Direccte BretagneLors de deux contrôles effectués le 28 juillet et le 10 août 2017 auprès d’un grossiste en fruits et légumes, les services de la DDPP des Côtes-d’Armor et de la Direccte Bretagne ont mis en évidence un flagrant délit de tromperie sur l’origine. Plus...

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Rénovation énergétique : faire ses travaux sans tomber dans le panneau !

Depuis plusieurs années, la DGCCRF observe un niveau particulièrement élevé d’infractions graves dans le secteur de la rénovation énergétique (isolation, installations de panneaux solaires, etc.). Plus...

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21 janvier 2020

US: ICE defends fake university sting operation

By Kerrie Kennedy. Amid widespread criticism over the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s university sting operation set up to identify bogus agencies and their international student clients, federal law enforcement agencies are defending the undercover operation as “legitimate”. More...

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15 janvier 2020

ICE arrests more int’l students at fake university

By Kerrie Kennedy. An advocacy group in the US has said they are grappling with an “unprecedented” number of arrests of Indian students who were enrolled at a fake university that was created by the Department of Homeland Security in a bid to clamp down on immigration scams. More...

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US: Fake ‘uni’ sting could harm int’l numbers

By Kerrie Kennedy. A fake university set up by the US Department of Homeland Security in a bid to catch out foreign nationals who were planning to stay in the country illegally could “hurt the confidence” of genuine international students looking to study in the US. More...

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Everybody Does It

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Everybody Does It
OK, I never cheated in school. Not out of any great virtue - mostly, I didn't need to, and when I would have needed it, I didn't get along well enough with my classmates to share answers. But also - it just wasn't done. I mean by that, not that nobody ever did it, but that it would be the sort of thing you hide. Dishonesty was something to be ashamed of. Today, people look at their heroes, their leaders, their models - and they see nothing but cheating. More...

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US: court finds DHS contradiction in fake uni case

By Viggo Stacey. A US appeals court has ruled that students enrolled at a sham university – set up by Department of Homeland Security to catch brokers of fraudulent student visas – were victims of fraud, and those students can now take the US government to court. More...

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