18 janvier 2015

Are We Charlie?

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Last week’s terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo thrust a six-year-old battle between a scholar and publisher back into the spotlight. Now some are calling for Yale University Press to make good on an alleged promise to print a paperback edition of a book from which it pulled images – some controversial – of Muhammad. Some free speech advocates, not to mention the author, want the images included in the paperback.
“I’m really quite tired of readjudicating this – I’d sort of thrown up my hands and given up hope of ever having these images in my book,” said Jytte Klausen, Lawrence A. Wien Professor of International Cooperation at Brandeis University and author of The Cartoons That Shook the World, which Yale published in 2009 without several originally included depictions of Muhammad, citing concerns about possible retaliation. One set of cartoons, published in Denmark's Jyllan-Posten newspaper in 2005, and which set off violent protests in the Middle East that were the subject of the Klausen book, were of particular concern.
At the same time, Klausen said, “I think we are in a new phase, and I really would welcome the opportunity [to reprint the book to include the images]. In the last two days, all major news outlets in the world with the exception of a few have run pictures Charlie Hebdo’s new front page, with a depiction” of the prophet.
Yale, meanwhile, is standing behind its widely criticized 2009 decision and denies ever having promised a paperback run of Klausen’s book.
The controversy surrounding Cartoons actually resurfaced last month, weeks before the events in Paris. In a Dec. 18 Washington Post op-ed criticizing Sony Pictures’ initial reaction not to release its movie “The Interview” in the face of terrorist threats from groups claiming ties to North Korea, Fareed Zakaria, the scholar and TV personality, wrote that he regretted endorsing the Yale press’s decision in 2009, when he was a university trustee. He resigned in 2012.
“The challenge that movie studios and theaters face is real because they have to balance freedom of expression with safety and commerce. But they have made a mistake,” Zakaria wrote. “I understand it well. In 2009, Yale University Press published a book on the Danish cartoon controversy but refrained from publishing the actual — offending — cartoons (of the prophet Muhammad) because of fears of retaliation and violence. As a trustee of the university, I was asked to defend the decision (one I would not have made).”
Zakaria continued: “Swayed by my concerns for an institution I love deeply and a group of administrators I respect greatly, I made a statement supporting the university’s actions that I have always deeply regretted. The right response then and now must be to affirm freedom of expression.”
Next, after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and elsewhere in Paris, Klausen wrote a Time op-ed criticizing the Yale press and other Western publishers and news outlets for refusing to publish controversial images.
"Imagine for a minute that the Western press had continued to publish irascible cartoons ridiculing jihadist pieties after the Danish cartoon episode?," she wrote. "What if we did not have to go to the hidden courses of the Internet to find reproductions of Ottoman painting of [Muhammad]? The editors and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo were targeted because, over the past five years, they have been left alone standing in defense of press freedom[.]"
This week, Jonathan Brent, executive director of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and former commissioning editor for the Yale press, made his first public comments about the debate over Klausen’s book. He told Yale’s student newspaper, The Yale Daily News, that he had argued for the images to remain but that the press was pressured by the administration to leave them out.
Yale press has never publicly denied that the university was involved in the decision not to publish the images of Muhammad.
In 2009, after the book’s publication, John Donatich, director of the press issued a statement saying in part: “On behalf of the Yale Press, the university consulted a number of senior academics, diplomats, and national security experts. The overwhelming judgment of the experts with the most insight about the threats of violence was that there existed an appreciable chance of violence occurring if either the cartoons or other depictions of the Prophet Muhammad were printed in a book about the cartoons published by Yale University Press.” Read more...

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17 janvier 2015

‘Charlie Hebdo’ Massacre Prompts New Criticism of 2009 Episode at Yale

http://chronicle.com/img/CHE_logo_785x28.pngBy Peter Schmidt. Last week’s terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper that had published images of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, is prompting renewed criticism of Yale University Press’s controversial decision to redact similar cartoons from a scholarly book published in 2009.
That book, The Cartoons That Shook the World, focused on a global crisis that had erupted four years earlier over the publication of 12 caricatures of Muhammad by a Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten. The Yale press cited fears of inciting violence in removing the cartoons and all other illustrations, including recent and historical images of the Muslim prophet, from the book before publishing it.
The decision was widely criticized by the American Association of University Professors and other academic and free-speech advocacy groups, several of which cited it as part of a troubling trend in which colleges were surrendering the free exchange of ideas in response to threats.
In some respects, last week’s attacks in France, in which Islamist gunmen killed 12 people at Charlie Hebdo’s offices and five other people elsewhere, appeared to confirm that Yale University Press’s fears might have had some basis. But in an article published on Tuesday in the Yale Daily News, a student newspaper, and in op-eds printed elsewhere, people close to the Yale press’s decision and other scholars have cited the killings in France as reason to argue that the university press should have included cartoons in the book to take a stand in support of academic freedom and free speech. More...

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Will Self: freedom of speech a ‘fetish’ in wake of Paris attacks - “Je Suis Charlie”

By Joe Sandler Clarke. Freedom of speech has become a “sexual fetish” in the West in light of the Charlie Hebdo terror atrocity, according to academic and writer Will Self.
The professor of contemporary thought at Brunel University London told an audience at Soas, University of London, that he had been concerned by the response to the events in Paris, where millions of people took to the streets chanting the slogan “Je Suis Charlie” in solidarity with the journalists who were killed last week. More...

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The Paris attackers’ challenge to free speech is especially relevant to universities - Je suis Charlie

By John Osborne. On Tuesday, Jan. 6, the university librarian wrote to ask me to participate in the second annual “Freedom to Read” event which will be held at Carleton University on the Monday after reading week. I receive a great many such invitations on more or less a daily basis, and it is impossible to accept them all. So my immediate reaction was to decline; but the horrific events in Paris the following day, Wednesday Jan. 7, caused me to change my mind. This attack was not simply a murderous assault on the staff of Charlie Hebdo, but more broadly a challenge to the very notion of free speech, itself a sine qua non of a free society. This challenge is particularly relevant to universities, given the special role which we play in society, a role that perhaps might be thought of as society’s collective “conscience”. Of course this is not the only role which universities play, but it is an important one, particularly in the broad domain of the humanities and social sciences. And thus I hope that the slogan which has been heard at public demonstrations and vigils in recent days, Je suis Charlie, will be embraced fervently by all of us in academic life. More...

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Vivir en Francia

Estudiar en Francia significa también vivir en Francia y descubrir a diario las realidades de la cultura y del arte de vivir en Francia.
Francia, arte de vivir, historia y cultura
La clasificación de la International living association coloca a Francia en el 4to lugar por la calidad de vida :
• un excelente sistema de salud, clasificado nº1 por la OMS
• una de las mejores esperanzas de vida en el mundo
• uno de los países más seguros de Europa
• una red de transportes públicos eficaz
• una red Internet entre las mejores del mundo. Vivir en Francia 2015.

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Living in France

Studying in France also means living in France and discovering the distinctive French way of life.
France, art de vivre , history and culture
International Living (internationalliving.com) ranks France fourth among the world’s countries for quality of life:
• the world’s top health-care system, according to WHO
• one of the highest life expectancies in the world
• one of the safest countries in Europe
• an efficient system of public transportation
• one of the world’s fastest and densest Internet networks. Download Living in France 2015.

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Vivre en France 2015

Étudier en France, c’est aussi vivre en France et découvrir au quotidien les réalités de la culture et de l’art de vivre en France.
La France, art de vivre, histoire et culture
Le classement de l’ International living association place la France à la 4e place pour la qualité de la vie :
• un excellent système de santé, classé 1er par l’OMS
• une des meilleures espérances de vie au monde
• un des pays les plus sûrs d’Europe
• un réseau de transports publics efficace
• un réseau Internet parmi les plus performants au monde. Télécharger Vivre en France 2015.

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L'action publique de demain. Quelles missions pour quels besoins ?

France Stratégie - Commissariat à la stratégie et à la prospectiveLe 10 septembre 2014, le gouvernement a donné le coup d’envoi à une « revue des missions » de l’État. Le secrétaire d’État chargé de la Réforme de l’État et de la Simplification auprès du Premier ministre, Thierry Mandon, a souhaité s’appuyer sur l’expérience de France Stratégie en lui confiant une concertation sur l’action publique de demain. L'action publique de demain. Quelles missions pour quels besoins ?
Deux autres exercices de concertation sont lancés parallèlement :

  • le premier, sur le numérique, sera traité dans le cadre de la consultation de la future loi sur le numérique et piloté par le Conseil national du numérique ;
  • le second porte sur le management et sur les leviers du changement via le rôle des agents publics. Le Secrétariat général pour la modernisation de l’action publique en assure la supervision. Voir l'article...

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16 janvier 2015

Le Conseil général de Mayotte rend hommage aux victimes de Charlie Hebdo

Suite au deuil national décrété par le Président de la République après l’attentat commis hier à Paris contre le journal Charlie Hebdo, le Président du Conseil a invité l’ensemble des agents de la collectivité à s’associer à l’hommage national, rendu aux victimes à 12 heures, en respectant une minute de silence.
À cet effet un rassemblement a eu lieu dans la cour du Conseil général et sur tous les autres sites de l’institution. Les barges ont sonné des coups de cornes de brume et tous les drapeaux de l’institution ont été mis en berne. Voir l'article...

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12 janvier 2015

Uniformation - Je suis Charlie

Uniformation, le sens de votre avenirLe massacre et la barbarie des évènements d’hier à la rédaction de Charlie Hebdo secouent. Une journée de deuil national a été annoncée pour aujourd’hui et une minute de silence a été proposée à 12h.
Les salariés d’Uniformation, nombreux, ont marqué cette minute de silence.

#‎jesuischarlie. Voir l'article...


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