31 août 2018

French school in row over tracking pupils electronically

French school in row over tracking pupils electronically
BBC News, 2018/07/25
This is another story in the electronic tracking thread, this one from France, where a protest has erupted over the use of Bluetooth tracking devices to monitor students at the Lycée Rocroy Saint-Vincent de Paul. More...

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25 août 2018

The Supreme Court isn’t equipped to judge Harvard’s discrimination lawsuit

University Business Magazine logoIn a French courtroom in 2014, a Labrador named Tango was called to the stand to serve as a witness to the murder of his owner. Tango’s demeanor was carefully observed as the judge ordered the suspect to approach Tango with a bat. The prosecutor hoped the approach would elicit some dramatic response from Tango: Ferocious barking would have been ideal. But the dog appeared entirely uninterested. More...

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14 août 2018

France: divisive report on reforming the upper secondary vocational path

HomeIn February 2018, at the request of Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, MP Céline Calvez and starred chef Régis Marcon produced a report on the upper secondary vocational path (BAC-pro). The report presents key facts and figures on the vocational stream and proposals to reform it to increase its attractiveness and responsiveness to challenges in society and the economy.
First reactions reflect diverging opinions
While some trade unions believe that the report recommendations are moving in the right direction, other players considers them a direct threat to the future of the vocational path in public schools. Almost all regret the confirmation that the three upper secondary pathways (general, technological and vocational) will remain separate.
Another observation is the (continued) competition between the apprenticeship system and school-based VET. The report argues that the secondary school path should be used to select students according to their learning needs and profiles, creating individualised pathways; this would mean that the best profiles for employers would be redirected into apprenticeships, with students experiencing social and educational difficulties going into school-based VET programmes. More...

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12 août 2018

France: Production schools - innovative training for NEETs

HomeProduction schools offer training that leads to a vocational qualification for young people who have dropped out of education. These schools achieve excellent results with their innovative ‘learning by doing’ teaching method. The Production schools’ network, which is growing, wishes to strengthen the institutional anchoring of this model.
Production schools provide young people aged 14 to 18 who have dropped out of school an alternative training path to obtaining a national VET qualification. This can be a professional skills certificate (CAP), a vocational baccalaureate (BACpro) or vocational certificates in occupations which are struggling to recruit: carpentry, metallurgy, automotive mechanics, collective catering and digital technology.
An educational model with excellent results
The originality of the Production school teaching method is that it is based on learning through producing products and services, in response to orders from real customers (companies or private individuals). Hands-on work predominates, with two thirds of the training time dedicated to this aspect and a third to theory. More...

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07 août 2018

[Prenez-date] Fête de la gastronomie 2018 : du 21 au 23 septembre partout en France

Screenshot-2018-5-3 Direccte Hauts-de-FranceLa Fête de la Gastronomie – Goût de France est un rendez-vous annuel qui s’inscrit dans une ambition de promotion du modèle culinaire français, de diffusion de l’excellence de nos savoir-faire et de nos produits contribuant ainsi à une meilleure compréhension des enjeux sociétaux et économiques dont il est porteur. Plus...

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06 août 2018

Culture and quality: France’s appeal to students

Screenshot-2018-5-3 EAIE

With a young new president making headlines and a recent World Cup victory, France has enjoyed its fair share of the limelight lately. For international students, this prominent place of French culture in the global consciousness is often a major influencing factor in choosing la République for a home abroad, according to the 2017 Kantar Sofres survey of international students. More...

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04 août 2018

La France n'est pas une marque commerciale !

Dans les débats récurrents et les décisions de justice à répétition sur la protection des noms de collectivités (voir nos articles ci-dessous), la question monte d'un cran avec un arrêt important du Tribunal de l'Union européenne (TUE) décidant que le signe "france.com" ne peut pas être enregistré comme marque de l'Union européenne. Plus...

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Taux de chômage en légère baisse dans l'OCDE, en légère hausse en France

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. Dans ce club des pays développés, le taux de chômage, établi selon les normes internationales, était en baisse en mai 2018, de 0.1 point de pourcentage pour le deuxième mois consécutif, attaignant 5.2%. Plus...

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25 juillet 2018

Can France Create Its Own MIT?

HomeBy Chris Havergal for Times Higher Education. Five grandes écoles (leading French universities) should be formally merged to form a Parisian science and technology university emulating the likes of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the French government has been told. More...

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18 juillet 2018

22 - le niveau d'études de la population et des jeunes

Screenshot-2018-4-21 Journal de mise en ligne - ESR enseignementsup-recherche gouv frLa France est le 20e des 35 pays de l’OCDE pour sa proportion de diplômés de l'enseignement supérieur aux âges de pleine activité, de 25 à 64 ans et se situe, en 2015, au niveau moyen de l’ensemble des pays de l’OCDE (graphique 22.01). Les enseignements secondaire et supérieur étaient moins développés en France qu'en Europe ou en Amérique du nord, quand ont été scolarisées les générations qui ont actuellement 60 ans. Plus...

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