26 février 2014

Financez votre formation

accès à l'accueil - Pôle emploiSelon la formation visée et votre situation personnelle, votre contribution au financement de votre formation sera différente. Il est donc important pour vous de faire le point sur ce que vous percevrez pendant la formation et sur les coûts qui resteront à votre charge.
A savoir : si vous suivez une formation dans le cadre d’un contrat de travail en alternance (contrat d’apprentissage ou contrat de professionnalisation), vous avez un statut de salarié et le coût de la formation est pris en charge par votre employeur.
Pour plus d’information, rendez-vous sur le portail de l’alternance : www.contrats-alternance.gouv.fr. Voir l'article...

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23 février 2014

In our opinion: Fund growth in higher education

Deseret NewsUtah lawmakers have a rare opportunity this year to provide some of the state’s fastest growing institutions of higher learning with the money they need to catch up with the demands of what, in some cases, is an overwhelming rate of growth.
It’s a rare opportunity because the presidents of all universities and colleges in the state have agreed to a formula that would provide this equity — even though the University of Utah, Snow College, Utah State and Southern Utah University would receive none of the roughly $69 million the Utah System of Higher Education is asking for in order to put all schools on an equal level with funding at about $4,800 for each full-time student. More...

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20 février 2014

Universities, government negotiating over research funds

http://beta.images.theglobeandmail.com/media/www/images/flag/gam-masthead.pngBy James Bradshaw. The federal government’s promise of $1.5-billion in new research funding in last week’s budget is a major coup for Canada’s universities, but the sensitive work to decide how they will share it is still to come. Over 10 years, the Canada First Research Excellence Fund will disburse as much as $200-million annually, starting with $50-million in 2015, making it one of the costliest new budget pledges. It is designed to invest in key fields of strength to attract talent, buy equipment and build international networks. More...

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19 février 2014

Guadeloupe - Consulter l'annuaire régional des financeurs de la formation professionnelle

repertoire financeur 2014 def-1Consulter l'annuaire régional des financeurs de la formation professionnelle
Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter l’annuaire régional des dispositifs de financement de la formation professionnelle en Guadeloupe. Cet annuaire est un véritable guide qui vous présente les différents acteurs, leurs missions et leurs domaines d’intervention. Il se veut exhaustif (1), didactique et accessible à tous afin que chacun puisse être informé et s’orienter de manière efficace dans le montage financier de son projet professionnel. Ce guide est également téléchargeable sur le site : www.seformerenguadeloupe.fr.
Bonne lecture !!!
Mme ETIENNE Marie-celine Directrice du CARIF-OREF Guadeloupe
(1)  Compte tenu des évolutions possibles ; une réactualisation annuelle en ligne sera effectuée afin de vous assurer de l’exactitude des informations.

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17 février 2014

How we could solve the riddle of higher education funding

http://static.guim.co.uk/static/c55907932af8ee96c21b7d89a9ebeedb4602fbbf/common/images/logos/the-guardian/news.gifBy Mark Reiff. Make university free for students, but extract promises to pay tax on it later. Then sell off the promises… Mark Reiff explains. Education has long been seen as a principal source of economic mobility. But for years now public education, and especially public higher education, has been under attack. More...

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16 février 2014

Federal budget strengthens university research with new funding

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWMTBx0CPzMFK637Zb6AgNbjhxfVRtTVkrwKoq4ZPL2p18KKWOEwB3AWIBy Peggy Berkowitz. Universities are pleased and grateful for research commitments.
University research was a big winner in a federal budget that kept its promise to offer modest spending increases overall at a time of restrained economic growth for Canada. The $1.5 billion awarded to a new research excellence fund over 10 years is the centrepiece of several research funding commitments in Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s 2014 budget, tabled in Parliament Feb. 11. The budget also raised the base budgets of the three major federal research granting councils by $37 million, mainly for untargeted research, and gave a $9-million boost to the program that contributes to universities’ indirect costs of doing research. More...

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Deeper Pockets

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/all/themes/ihecustom/logo.jpgBy Ry Rivard. Donors gave about $34 billion to North American colleges in 2013, according to an annual survey by the Council for Aid to Education. That's more than $3 billion more than the year before, and the most ever raised in a single year -- topping the $31.6 billion from pre-recession 2008, not adjusted for inflation. Read more...

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Government grant letter delivers cut to university funding

By John Morgan. The government has delivered a £125 million cut to higher education funding in today’s grant letter, while criticising vice-chancellors on pay. The letter, sent by David Willetts and Vince Cable to England’s funding council, scraps the dedicated £37 million Access to Learning Fund, which gave discretionary grants to the poorest students. More...

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Funding opportunity for education start-ups

International Council for Open and Distance EducationThe Open Education Challenge, launched in partnership with the European Commission, is an invitation to all innovators to submit projects, receive mentoring and seed funding through the European Incubator for Innovation in Education, and get direct access to investors from day one. Applications are accepted from all over the world. More...

Funding opportunity for education start-ups

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15 février 2014

Funding for higher education in England for 2014-15: HEFCE grant letter from BIS

HEFCE logoThe Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Minister for Universities and Science have today confirmed funding allocations to the Higher Education Council for England (HEFCE) for financial year 2014-15.
The grant letter (note 1) confirms government funding for HEFCE and for higher education for the third year of the new financial arrangements for higher education in England. It also sets out indicative allocations for financial year 2015-16. More...

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