29 septembre 2015

Undocumented college students rally against higher tuition bills

University Business Magazine logoBy Stefanie Botelho. Immigration advocates say some colleges and universities in Missouri are discriminating against undocumented students by charging them higher tuition. More...

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21 septembre 2015

In-state college tuition for veterans extended nationwide

University Business Magazine logoBy Stefanie Botelho. The Choice Act lets discharged veterans and their dependents apply their education benefits to any public institution. More...

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20 septembre 2015

Big Price Cuts, Small Savings at 2 Private Colleges

HomeTwo private universities announced in as many days considerable slashes to their sticker prices. Utica College in central New York is dropping by 32 percent, from $44,600 to just under $30,500 (this percentage has been corrected from an earlier version), and Rosemont College will cut by $16,000 (from $46,000 to $30,000). Read more...

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19 septembre 2015

An Argument About the Effects of Tuition Reductions

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "higheredstrategy.com logo"By Alex Usher. At various times in the past (herehere, and here, for example), I have made the argument that lowering tuition fees is regressive because the benefits will accrue to people who are either the children of the wealthy, or people who will be wealthy, or both.  I have also said that where neither of those conditions is true (for example, some types of community college programs), there is a reasonable case for free tuition. More...

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Ontario tuition high, but still affordable

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « thestar.com »Ontario boasts one of the most affordable, high-quality and accessible post-secondary educations systems in the country. While the sticker price of tuition in Ontario might appear higher than other jurisdictions, it’s critical to consider the supports students receive to offset the cost of tuition through one of the most progressive and robust student assistance programs in Canada. Read more...

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13 septembre 2015

La question des droits d’inscription pour les étudiants internationaux non communautaires

http://orientation.blog.lemonde.fr/files/2011/08/Edhec-Olivier-Rollot-208x300.jpgBlog "Il y a une vie après le bac" d'Olivier Rollot. 23 vice-présidents délégués aux relations internationales de 23 universités françaises ont décidé de prendre la parole pour dénoncer un « débat enterré » : celui des droits d’inscription des étudiants internationaux non communautaires.
La question des droits d’inscription pour les étudiants internationaux non communautaires
Voici donc, comme le rapporte le journal Le Monde (16 juillet dernier), un débat enterré. Certaines déclarations de Geneviève Fioraso et de nombreux rapports, recommandations, analyses, tels le rapport d’étape de la STRANES, qui, en page 23, notait l’importance de ce débat. Suite...

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Obama Steps Up Push for Free

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. The White House is stepping up the effort to make tuition free at community colleges across the country. Read more...

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Support for Free

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. While Bernie Sanders has been attracting considerable support on campuses, few college presidents have been speaking out on behalf of his plan to make public higher education free. Read more...

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12 septembre 2015

Guest Column: nationalize banks to pay for university tuition

The Windsor StarBy James Winter. As Ontario university students begin another school year, many are faced with a three per cent increase in tuition over last year in the province with the highest tuition rates in Canada.
This begs the question: Not so much why the increase, but why do we have tuition fees at all?
Why isn’t tuition virtually free in Canada, as it is in many countries, ranging from Germany, (US$270 for administration fees), to France (US$250) and all of the Scandinavian countries, as well as Italy (US$1,000), Spain (US$1,500) Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, etc? In financially-strapped Greece, European Union members study for free while others pay US$1,650. Read more...

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Ontario’s tuition fees highest in the country, says new report

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « thestar.com »By . When Stephanie Flores-Small heads back to York University for her second year in the school’s children’s studies program on Thursday, there won’t be any first-day jitters, but there will be plenty of anxiety about the cost of her classes. Read more...

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