19 janvier 2016

Clegg attacks Tory policy on living cost grants

By Natasha Turner. Former Lib Dem leader says maintenance grants were 'hidden reason' why disadvantaged students not put off by higher fees. More...

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13 janvier 2016

Brazil: new foreign tuition tax to hit outbound market, agents predict

By Beckie Smith. Agents in Brazil have voiced their concern following the announcement of a new tax on overseas payments for study programmes, which they say will raise the cost of study abroad for Brazilian students. More...

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Finnish universities to charge non-EU fees

By Beckie Smith. Universities in Finland will begin charging tuition fees to students from outside the EU and European Economic Area from August 2017, it has been announced. More...

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11 janvier 2016

Foreign students face tuition fees from next year

The Finnish parliament has decided to impose tuition fees for non-European university-level students. The ruling, passed by a vote of 137-46 in December, will affect students from outside the European Union or European Economic Area, reports Yle. Read more...

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Government boosts student aid following #FeesMustFall

By Karen MacGregor. The South African government has announced a R4.5 billion (US$282 million) boost to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, or NSFAS, for short-term debt relief for students. This follows last year’s intense #FeesMustFall protests and is in line with the findings of a presidential task team on funding challenges at universities, which reported back last month. Read more...

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Free tuition for students from 50% poorest families

By Maria Elena Hurtado. As the Chilean saying goes, this New Year arrived with a bread loaf under its arm for the almost 200,000 students that will be attending university for free at the start of the new academic year this March. Read more...

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06 janvier 2016

Australia: ESOS Bills pass but tuition holding rule remains

By Beckie Smith. Two bills updating Australia’s Educational Services for Overseas Students Act have been passed, promising to reduce administrative costs to institutions and enhance quality assurance. However, an amendment removing the requirement for colleges to place tuition fees paid in advance into a holding account – which providers have labelled costly and unnecessary – failed to pass. More...

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04 janvier 2016

Lost Fees or Lost Students?

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Many colleges tell potential students who may not be able to afford application fees that they can seek a waiver. Even if application fees are under $100, there are many students who can't afford that -- or who can't afford to apply to four or five programs each charging a fee. Read more...

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03 janvier 2016

Students would pay £23K fees, survey suggests

By Chris Havergal. But asked how much they thought they should pay, responses averaged less than £4,000. More...

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Group of Eight: raising Australia’s fee caps ‘still on agenda’ for new PM’s government

By John Morgan. Chief executive of research-intensive group says there could be ‘phased-in approach’ to deregulation after political battles. More...

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