24 février 2019

Verizon Promises to #ReverseTheFee on Remind After Educators’ Outcry

Techno-News Blog After an outcry from educators on social media, along with countless phone calls to Verizon customer service, the telecommunications company says it will not enforce the 11-fold fee increase that was slated to hit Remind, a messaging service used widely by teachers and parents in the U.S., come February. More...

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15 février 2019

Quels sont les établissements publics concernés par les frais d'inscription différenciés?

Campus France logoUne liste complète des établissements susceptibles d’appliquer des droits d’inscription différenciés est disponible. Ces établissements relèvent du ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (MESRI) et délivrent des diplômes nationaux. Les diplômes d’établissement ne rentrent pas dans le champ du paiement des droits différenciés. Après publication du décret, les établissements pourront décider des exonérations qu'ils octroieront aux étudiants internationaux (hors UE) admis en 2019. Plus...

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12 février 2019

Universities UK renews call for “urgent clarity” on EU students’ fee status

By Kerrie Kennedy. Universities UK has renewed its call for urgent clarity about the fee status of EU students starting courses in the UK during the Brexit transition period (2019-20), warning that the country could see a drop in EU students otherwise. More...

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09 février 2019

Hausse des frais d’inscription des étudiants étrangers : fracture ouverte

http://blog.educpros.fr/julien-gossa/files/2018/01/cropped-JulienGossa.jpgBlog Educpros de Julien Gossa. Les premières positions prises à la fin de l’année 2018, émanant de la communauté, étaient en effet très claires sur le refus du principe même de l’augmentation des frais d’inscription, et notamment différenciée, « jugée contraire au principe fondateur d’une université française ouverte à tous » [voir les listes CJC et SNESUP]. Plus...

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08 février 2019

TCD reverses plan to increase int’l fees

By Kerrie Kennedy. Trinity College Dublin has confirmed it will no longer increase fees for continuing non-EU and postgraduate students for the year 2018/19 and will reimburse those who have already paid amid backlash from students and threats of direct action by the students’ union in Ireland. More...

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IITs cut international student fees look for permanent foreign staff

By Kerrie Kennedy. India’s Institutes of Technology will cut fees for international students and push to recruit foreign academics and teachers to permanent roles in a bid to expand their talent pool and boost their global rankings. More...

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31 janvier 2019

Cut tuition fees and you shut the door to poor students

The GuardianUniversities rely on income from fees to fund the outreach activities essential to make them more diverse. More...

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Cutting tuition fees won’t help poorer students – reduce interest rates instead

The GuardianThe government’s university funding review must not cut fees – that would damage teaching and help only richer students. More...

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29 janvier 2019

Academic Segregation Does Not Create Actual Access

By Eric Stoller. That's the headline from a recent article published in The Guardian by Andrew Adonis. Officially known in the UK as “The Right Honourable The Lord Adonis PC,” Adonis was behind the creation of tuition fees within UK higher education. In 2017, Adonis did an about-face and decided that it was a more politically sound strategy to criticize and even call for the abolishment of fees. More...

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28 janvier 2019

A 10% Tuition Cut, but Who Benefits?

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Ontario cuts domestic student tuition by 10 percent while scaling back aid spending. Colleges won't be made whole, and students who got grants covering their full tuition will receive a portion of their aid in loans. More...

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