27 avril 2016

Utah regents announce state university tuition increases

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. The Utah State Board of Regents has approved tuition increases for the 2016-1017 school year at Utah’s public universities. More...

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Some investors, universities see a return in fronting students’ tuition

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. What’s the market read on Karla Comacho? Not the potential value of the Frida Kahlo-like portraits she creates, but the potential return on her. More...

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Meet the students crowdfunding their tuition

The Guardian homeBy. Desperate to get through uni without amassing a mountain of debt, students are turning to online backers. Does this actually work. More...

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Only pressure on South Africa’s elites can ease university fee stress

The ConversationBy . There is a new student movement sweeping South Africa’s universities. Its enemies? Excessive fee increases and underpaid workers.
The next step in this fight could be taken beyond university campuses. More...

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Why Italy’s income-based scheme for university fees makes sense

The ConversationBy . Students in South Africa are crying out loudly for free university education. Has their dream been realised elsewhere? The answer is yes: in many European countries, for example. Public universities in Brazil, a country with which South Africa closely identifies, are also free. More...

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25 avril 2016

Fees for Low-Enrolled Classes

By Matt Reed. And from a student’s perspective, it could look like a premium service. Regular classes cost x, but first-class classes (?) cost x plus y. In return, the students are likely to expect more attention and feedback, in much the same way that first-class passengers on a flight expect to board first and get better snacks. More...

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Russell Group hits back at government fee claims

Government claims that some Russell Group universities are not worth the £9,000 (US$13,000) tuition fees are based on "outdated assertions" and no evidence, the group's head has said after the fears were revealed in a leaked document, writes Ben Riley-Smith for The Telegraph. Read more...

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Students protest over education law, university fees

Thousands of high school students have staged demonstrations in cities across Spain to protest over the country's education law, changes in the duration of university degrees and university fee hikes, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Read more...

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Students vote to sabotage university rating plans

Students have found a weapon in their battle to stop the government raising tuition fees still further. At a conference in Brighton they have voted to sabotage two key surveys unless the government withdraws its planned reforms, write Alfie Packham and Emma Jacobs for the Guardian. Read more...

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23 avril 2016

Frais de scolarité échelonnés à Paris-Dauphine

Par Thibaut Cojean, Orientations. Une nouvelle grille tarifaire sera appliquée à la rentrée 2016, à la première année de licence, à l’université Paris-Dauphine. Les droits d’inscription dépendront désormais des revenus des parents, et s’échelonneront de 0 à 2 200 euros. Voir l'article...

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