12 mai 2016

State Support Recovering, but Not Recovered

HomeBy Ellen Wexler. For the second year in a row, public colleges relied more on state funding and less on tuition revenue, reversing a recent trend. Read more...

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09 mai 2016

Budget puts higher university fees back on the table

Higher fees, deregulated prices for popular courses and larger loan repayments are on the cards for university students after federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham released an options paper with last week’s budget outlining his preferred path for higher education reform, writes Tim Dodd for the Financial Review. Read more...

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06 mai 2016

Non-EU student tuition fees in Europe

By . In the last decade more European countries have introduced tuition fees for non-EU students. This move to differentiate tuition fees for international (non-EU) students versus domestic and EU students seems to be a trend (eg Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, etc). In 2017, Finland joins the tuition competition as the national government passed new legislation in 2015 allowing higher education institutions to introduce tuition fees for non-EU students. More...

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Australia: The higher the ranking the higher the price, study finds

By Natalie Marsh. Australian universities with a higher position in global league tables tend to set higher international tuition fees, according to a recent study. More...

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Tuition increasing for University of Windsor students

cbc masthead logoBy CBC News. The cost to attend University of Windsor will get more expensive next year after the school's board of governors voted Tuesday afternoon to increase tuition, meal plans and residence fees. More...

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05 mai 2016

Latest PBO report shows that the budgetary savings from deregulation of university fees will be short lived

By Paul Kniest. Data contained in the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) Supplementary Report into the Higher Education Loans Prgramme released today (20 April 2016) confirms that the government’s attempts to contribute to budget repair by slashing university funding by 20% and allowing universities to charge students whatever they like for a degree will be short lived. More...

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Have higher fees affected the number of students dropping out?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hefce.ac.uk logo"By . The latest data reveals little overall effect on undergraduate students dropping out, but there are early signs of emerging trends, particularly among mature students. More...

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01 mai 2016

The Politics of Unfreezing Tuition

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Alex Usher. Freezing tuition is a terrible policy.  Free tuition is actually a better idea.  At least it’s based on a particular theory of access and public expenditure.  A tuition freeze is just a decision not to take any more decisions.  It’s a recipe for drift. More...

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30 avril 2016

JetBlue Will Pay Employees’ College Tuition Upfront

By C. Employees of JetBlue can now study in the sky without paying a dime. The budget airline announced on Monday a program that will guide them through an online pathway to an associate or bachelor’s degree from Thomas Edison State University. More...

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28 avril 2016

Rising college tuition prompts congressional scrutiny

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Asking private universities to spend more of their massive endowments for operating expenses - as some in Congress might be tempted to do - is shortsighted and could be "financially dangerous" to some of the nation's most prestigious colleges, Rice University President David Leebron said Monday. More...

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