25 octobre 2017

Mass. tuition program is flawed, but honorable start to lowering costs

University Business LogoCommonwealth Commitment, a year-old state tuition assistance program, makes it somewhat easier for community college students to earn a four-year degree. But that a mere 100 students took advantage of the pilot program since spring of 2016 suggests that in its current form, its reach has been limited. More...

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24 octobre 2017

Rising students fees increasingly becoming burdensome cost

University Business LogoWith tuition bills arriving as the fall semester starts, students and parents might notice a line with a pretty big number next to it: student fees. More...

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23 octobre 2017

Signs that college tuition might come down

University Business LogoIt's a fall tradition: Students don college sweatshirts and their parents, meanwhile, sweat the tuition bills. More...

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Colleges say they could lower tuition — if only they could talk to each other about it

University Business Magazine logoPssst: America’s private colleges have an idea to stop, and even reverse, their big annual increases in tuition. They say it would help ensure financial aid goes to the students who need it most. More...

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22 octobre 2017

Labour considers legal challenge over tuition fees increase

The Guardian homeShadow education secretary says Conservatives are ‘ruling by decree’ after refusal to allow parliamentary vote. More...

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Vice-chancellors may be winning big from tuition fees – but academics aren't

The Guardian homeThe vice-chancellor pay scandal is concealing the real problem within universities: talented young researchers are leaving because of low salaries. More...

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Tuition fee repayment earnings threshold to rise to £25,000

The Guardian homeTheresa May announced change, along with a freeze in fee levels and review of student funding, at Tory party conference. More...

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Forget tuition fees: cost of living is the key issue facing students

The Guardian homeTory and Labour grandstanding over university fees does not help working-class students like myself – we need maintenance grants back. More...

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Never mind the students, tuition fees are a bad deal for the taxpayer

The Guardian homeThe government borrows to finance student debt, then sells it cheap to loan companies. It’s like buying a sofa on HP and off-loading it on eBay to pay the bills. More...

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Tuition fees and the shrinking graduate premium

The Guardian homeUniversities minister Jo Johnson misses a number of vital points about what he calls student frugality. More...

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