23 décembre 2017

Legal fees focus of inquiry into Houston Community College

University Business Magazine logoHouston Community College spent at least $175,000 on an investigation into procurement before the two retained attorneys withdrew from the probe – requiring HCC to spend more money on an inquiry resulting from trustee Christopher Oliver’s guilty bribery plea. More...

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22 décembre 2017

Tuition fees help to put UK ahead of Germany in higher education

The Guardian homeIn his attack on a report I wrote back in 2015, he says it is “not true” that Germany sends a lower proportion of young people to university and spends less on each one. When we published our report, the figures were 493,000 first-year enrolments in Germany and 670,000 in the UK. The amount spent educating each student was €13,665 in Germany and €16,500 in the UK. More...

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Let’s say Auf Wiedersehen to England’s embarrassing tuition fees

The Guardian homeJust look at Germany: no university tuition fees, no fat-cat pay scandals. The UK system is indefensible. More...

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Universities are bastions of privilege. They have to change

The Guardian homeThe astronomical course fees for these bloated institutions are no longer defensible. Two-year degrees would be a good move. More...

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Universities win permission to charge £2,000 premium for two-year degrees

The Guardian homeUniversities will be allowed to charge students almost £2,000 a year more in fees in return for allowing them to complete a degree over two years instead of three, ministers have revealed. More...

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The Guardian view on universities and the market: winner takes all

The Guardian homeStudent fees were supposed to create competition for the best students and the best courses. Instead they’ve just inflated top pay and vanity building projects. More...

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University students failed by rip-off fees, says watchdog

The Guardian homeNational Audit Office says if English universities were banks, they would be investigated for mis-selling, as students say they do not get value for money. More...

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28 novembre 2017

Space: The final frontier in the search for full-pay students?

eCampus NewsIn order to maximize net tuition revenue, higher education employs a high-price, high-discount model. But just as trees don’t grow to the sky, this strategy can’t work forever—the U.S. is running out of students who can pay full tuition. Students are tapped out: in the 2014-15 school year, 86 percent of first-time full-time freshmen received financial aid. More...

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27 novembre 2017

House G.O.P. tax writers take aim at college tuition benefits

University Business Magazine logoThe moment the last of Fred Vautour’s five children walked across the stage as a Boston College graduate was priceless. More...

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Harvard’s surplus may be ‘high-water mark’

University Business Magazine logoThe population of college-bound students is on the decline. The cost of tuition is growing increasingly unaffordable for many families. And endowment returns are expected to decrease. More...

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