15 juin 2019

Universities condemn ‘catastrophic’ plan to link fees to graduate pay

The GuardianAcademics say Augar proposals could damage arts degrees and lose Britain its creative edge. More...

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14 juin 2019

Theresa May calls for student tuition fees to be cut – video

The GuardianThe prime minister has thrown down the gauntlet to her successor as Tory leader to reduce tuition fees and reinstate maintenance grants for the poorest students. In a speech in London, May acknowledged the need to reduce the burden of debt on young people. She said no one should feel the world of higher education was closed to them because of 'who they are or where they’re from'. More...

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The Guardian view on the Augar review: taking further education seriously

The GuardianA commission appointed by the PM to look at tuition fees has concluded that colleges, and not universities, require the most urgent attention. More...

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May urges Tories to cut tuition fees and revive student grants

The GuardianPM calls on her successor as party leader to reduce the burden of debt on young people. More...

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The government's tuition fee review ignores EU students

The GuardianEU students are being deterred by the prospect of higher fees after Brexit. The Augar review failed to address this. More...

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Cutting tuition fees misses the point. We need to overhaul the whole system

The GuardianThere are good proposals in the Augar review, but it doesn’t confront the real problem: our marketised university system. More...

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AOL Vows to Institute Fee-based Service Despite Protests

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Associated Press[Edit][Delete]: AOL Vows to Institute Fee-based Service Despite Protests, San Jose Mercury News [Edit][Delete] March 5, 2006
Let me be clear, so there is no doubt. If AOL's system were widely adopted, it would start costing me hundreds of dollars a month to provide this newsletter. AOL's statement that "only legitimate senders of mass e-mail are likely to pony up the fee" is a crock - only commercial mass emailers will do so (and they, of course, won't be slowed at all). So if AOL launches this program, please note that AOL will be subject to a complete and total boycott from this site: all email from AOL accounts in and out will be refused, all web accesses (including RSS) will be blocked. More...

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12 juin 2019

Universities in crisis: why a cut in tuition fees and longer loan period would make most students worse off

The ConversationUniversity tuition fees in England are some of the highest in the world, with an average annual cost of £9,188. This means that English students are paying significantly more for higher education that those in many other countries – including the US which is known for its expensive tuition fees, and where the average student pays US$9,410 a year (around £7,518). More...

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10 juin 2019

Competition for Employer Tuition Benefits

HomeBy Paul Fain. ASU's InStride is latest entrant to the $20 billion tuition benefits market, a potential growth area as employers mull alternatives to the traditional college degree and whether to pay for customized online credentials for their workers. More...

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Fees for International Students to Increase

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The mandatory government fee that prospective international students must pay before obtaining a U.S. visa will increase from $200 to $350 on June 24, according to a final rule published today in the Federal Register. The fee for academic exchange visitors will increase from $180 to $220. More...

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