13 janvier 2018

More degree students graduating with firsts than 2:2s or below

The Guardian homeFigures for 2016-17 also show continuing fall in mature and part-time students since introduction of £9,000 fees. More...

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06 janvier 2018

A new way to cover college tuition

University Business Magazine logoNestled along the San Diego coastline, Point Loma Nazarene University is a world away from Wall Street. But the Christian liberal arts college is at the forefront of financial innovation. More...

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Court Tells Dentist to Pay Mother Who Financed Education

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Taiwan’s highest court has ordered a dentist to pay nearly $1 million to his mother, who paid for the cost of his dental training, The New York Times reported. More...

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02 janvier 2018

Baton Rouge CC misused student fees, missing $2M in property

University Business Magazine logoOfficials of Baton Rouge Community College failed to return $520,000 in federal funds on time, according to a state audit released Friday. More...

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I once marched against tuition fees. Now I can see their worth

The Guardian homeScrapping fees does nothing to help disadvantaged young people. The money would be better spent helping all, regardless of their chosen path. More...


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31 décembre 2017

Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) rejects the implementation of nation-wide tuition fees

ESU OnlineThe introduction of tuition fees was part of the coalition contract by both parties, which will govern for the upcoming five years in Austria. The Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) strictly opposes these plans, which would be highly irresponsible regarding student’s rights and in socio-economic terms. More...

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26 décembre 2017

Antipodean Tuition News

By Alex Usher. All the really interesting news about tuition these days is happening south of the equator–let’s catch up.
Chile.  When last we checked in on things in Santiago, we noted how President Bachelet’s gratuidad program had kind of foundered on the rocks of reality.  Having brought in free fees for the students in the bottom six income deciles at a cost of 607 billion pesos (roughly $1.25B Canadian), it turned out that the additional cost to make education free for the top four deciles would triple the cost.  So they stopped. More...

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24 décembre 2017

Application fee waived for 1st gen college students at Saint Anselm

University Business Magazine logoSaint Anselm College has eliminated the enrollment application fee for "first-generation students," those who would be the first in their family to graduate from college. The change is effective immediately and applies to both domestic and international applicants. More...

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23 décembre 2017

Glenville State plans to cut tuition

University Business Magazine logoGlenville State College will cut tuition for the 2018-19 academic year by at least 2 percent, with the condition that Glenville State College’s state appropriation does not decrease, according to university officials. More...

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Legislature seeks to change students fleeing Ill. for cheaper tuition

University Business Magazine logoThe University of Missouri junior received the school’s Heritage Scholarship, which is open to students whose parents attended Mizzou, have ACT or SAT scores in the top 25 percent, and are non-Missouri residents. More...

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