30 juin 2018

Would differential fees make a difference?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"In the context of the current review of post-18 education, one of the ideas considered to have some political support was that of ‘differential fees’, or the setting of different fee levels on the basis of discipline, or institution, or some other basis. More...

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28 juin 2018

SIUC's rising tuition likely among primary causes of enrollment decline, but it's complicated

University Business Magazine logoGone are the days when a $55 scholarship could cover one term’s tuition at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. More...

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27 juin 2018

Students sue Marylhurst University for tuition refund

University Business Magazine logoTwo Marylhurst University students have filed a class-action lawsuit against the school, alleging unlawful trade practices. More...

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25 juin 2018

Oakland U. OKs 3.8 percent tuition increase in 2018-19 budget

University Business Magazine logoThe 3.8 percent in-state tuition increase, which translates to $15.75 extra per credit hour, is a part of the $275 million budget approved Monday by the school's board. More...

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Ark. Senate: Universities holding line on tuition

University Business Magazine logoLegislators and business leaders have made it a priority to encourage more Arkansas students to graduate from college with a degree or a certificate proving that they have learned a core set of job skills. More...

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Tuition continues to increase across W.V. colleges despite budget increases

University Business Magazine logoFor the past several years, college officials have blamed the rising cost of tuition largely on severe budget cuts from state lawmakers. More...

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24 juin 2018

Penn College tuition, fees going up next fall

University Business Magazine logoPennsylvania College of Technology’s board of directors have approved an $161.8 million total budget calling for a 2.81-percent increase in tuition in 2018-19, marking four consecutive years of increases below 3 percent. More...

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23 juin 2018

Layoffs possible at Quincy College

University Business Magazine logoQuincy College nursing program faculty members are at risk of layoff, as the college struggles to make up for millions in lost tuition because the state has shut down the program. More...

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18 juin 2018

What are the implications when a country abolishes university tuition fees?

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In Commentary, Ariane de Gayardon says introducing free-tuition policies, as New Zealand has most recently done, relies on the unrealistic expectation that governments will be able not only to fund higher education budgets but also consistently increase those budgets. Andrej Arsovski draws attention to an array of measures that can be used for screening applicants to professional schools such as medical schools to ensure selection of the best candidates and to promote diversity. And Christine Dranzoa writes that bold institutional leadership is required to deal decisively with cases of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in African higher education.
   In our World Blog, Grace Karram Stephenson wonders if Doug Ford’s victory in Ontario’s elections and the voting in of the Progressive Conservatives in the Canadian province will spell funding cuts for higher education or rises in the cost of tuition, or both.
   In our section on Academic Freedom, Elif Ceylan Ozsoy suggests ways to show solidarity with the ‘Academics for Peace’ in Turkey, hundreds of whom have lost their jobs and-or been charged with terrorist offences, all for signing a peace petition.
   In a new series on Pacific Rim higher education and research issues, Yojana Sharma highlights the pertinent issues that will be discussed when university leaders from Pacific Rim countries meet in Taiwan next weekend for the Association of Pacific Rim Universities conference entitled “Our digital future in a divided world”.
   In Features, Nic Mitchell reports that Gerry McGovern, one of the top visionaries of web developments, speaking at a recent conference, urged universities to wake up to how marketing to young people has shifted in the digital age. And Sharon Dell reports that the South African medical deans have offered to make available expertise in the university sector to help the country deal with a crisis in the national health system and the “systemic failures” in the provincial health departments that are affecting patient care and the training of medical professionals. More...

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For-Profit Tuition Rises as GI Benefit Grows

HomeBy Greg Toppo. A new working paper takes a look at the so-called Bennett hypothesis, first proposed in 1987 by former U.S. education secretary William Bennett. The analysis finds that in the case of a veterans’ benefit enacted after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the principle seems to hold true, at least in this case, for just one sector: private for-profit institutions. More...

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