15 avril 2016

Reading 'exports' university to Malaysia

BBCBy Brendan O'Malley. The University of Reading has become the latest UK university to announce a foothold in Malaysia.
It has officially opened the doors of an ultra-modern campus, with state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories and social spaces including an indoor park and amphitheatre. More...

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13 avril 2016

India invites Canadian faculty to teach in India

India extended an invitation recently to Canadian faculty members to teach in the country’s institutions of higher learning for short stretches, possibly “during the harsh winter months in Canada”, reports India TodayMore...

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Government to ease setting up overseas branch campuses

By Unsoo Jung. The South Korean government has announced it will table regulatory reforms to promote overseas expansion of the country’s universities. The reforms will include allowing overseas branch campuses, the education ministry said, as well as increasing recognition for inter-university courses. More...

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04 avril 2016

Transnational education and human rights obligations

By Gearóid Ó Cuinn. In recent years Western universities have demonstrated an appetite for international expansion and the establishment of overseas branch campuses. Read more...

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18 mars 2016

Australia: international education exports hit record $19.65bn

By Beckie Smith. Revenue from international students in Australian education institutions grew by more than A$2bn in 2015, making international education Australia’s third largest export, contributing $19.65bn to the country, preliminary figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics have shown. More...

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29 février 2016

La France, quatrième pays exportateur de campus internationaux

Par Aude Bariéty. Cocorico: l’enseignement supérieur français s’exporte bien! D’après des chiffres du Global Higher Education repris par l’agence Campus France, en 2014, la France figurait en quatrième position des principaux pays exportateurs de campus internationaux (12), derrière les Etats-Unis et leurs 77 campus délocalisés, le Royaume-Uni (30) et l’Australie (17) mais devant la Russie (8), les Pays-Bas (7) ainsi que la Chine, le Canada et l’Inde (6). Suite...

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01 décembre 2015

International education income hits record high

By Brendan O’Malley. Exports from Australia’s international education services sector – two-thirds of it comprising income from international higher education students – reached a record high of A$18.8 billion (US$13.5 billion) in 2014-15, the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics, or ABS, data has shown. Read more...

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08 novembre 2015

Ministers pave way for increased education exports

By Jan Petter Myklebust and Ian R Dobson. Minister of Education and Culture Sanni Grahn-Laasonen and Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Lenita Toivakka last week presented a proposal to parliament for removing legal obstacles to the export of Finnish education products and expertise. Read more...

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19 octobre 2015

Pourquoi les universités ouvrent des campus à l'international (1)

The ConversationPar . Établir un campus international à l’étranger est l’un des plus grands risques que peut prendre une université, tant sur le plan financier qu’au niveau de sa réputation. Ces campus sont généralement loin de la maison mère, dans un environnement et dans un pays lointain et ils génèrent rarement des revenus importants ou même de grandes récompenses académiques. Voir l'article...

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04 août 2015

Education exports: is Canada missing out on billions of dollars?

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Daina Lawrence. Canada could be missing out on billions of dollars in revenue from education exports as the country, which is sitting in seventh place as a destination, could be much higher up the list. Read more...

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