30 décembre 2017

Vers un "guichet unique" de l'accompagnement à l'export

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « caissedesdepotsdesterritoires »Le gouvernement a présenté dans les grandes lignes, le 29 novembre, l'architecture qu'il souhaite mettre en place pour renforcer le réseau d'accompagnement à l'export, autour d'un guichet unique au plan régional et dans chaque pays. L'objectif : porter de 125.000 à 200.000 le nombre d'entreprises exportatrices. Plus...

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18 mai 2017

The Growing Risk Facing Our Greatest Export

International students come to the United States from all over the world seeking education and career training not available in their home countries. Most return to those countries after graduation to pursue a career in their field of study, which is when the true power of a high-quality education is realized.
This global impact is a significant benefit, but international students also bring value to their U.S. classrooms. Students today must be prepared to communicate, collaborate and compete in a world that is becoming smaller and more diverse. Yet data from the most recent Open Doors report from the Institute of International Education shows that only one in ten U.S. undergraduate students studies abroad, meaning that the vast majority of American students have limited exposure to opportunities to build their language skills and expand their global perspectives in another country. More...

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18 avril 2017

Netherlands one step closer to full degrees overseas as TNE bill passes

By Beckie Smith. After two years of political debate, Dutch universities may soon be able to offer full degree programmes overseas. The Dutch House of Representatives has passed a transnational education bill that also aims to boost the development of international joint programmes. More...

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Malvern College to open campus in Hong Kong

By Beckie Smith. UK-based Malvern College celebrated its fifth international campus, which will open in Hong Kong next year, with a launch party in London last week. More...

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UK considers education exports in response to ‘tumultuous times’

By Sara Custer. The UK’s parliamentary under-secretary of state at the Department for International Trade, Mark Garnier, opened Universities UK’s International Higher Education Forum this week claiming the government aims to “harness the power of the UK’s education sector” in future trade deals. More...

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Peking University to open business school in Oxford

By Natalie Marsh. China’s prestigious Peking University has announced it is setting up an overseas campus in the UK. More...

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16 avril 2017

Why does the Office for National Statistics fail to measure the UK’s educational exports?

Education is one of our most successful export sectors. It is our fifth largest services sector and the second biggest contributor to our net balance of payments. So why does the Office for National Statistics (ONS) fail to measure and monitor the UK’s educational exports. More...

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10 février 2017

Education exports hit record high of nearly US$17 billion

By Geoff Maslen. Export earnings from selling Australian higher education to foreign students reached a record high of nearly A$22 billion (US$16.8 billion) in 2016 – an astonishing 17% increase on the total for the previous year and the biggest annual growth rate since 2010. More...

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25 décembre 2016

Candidatez à Export Direct, le premier accélérateur dédié exclusivement au développement international des PME d’ARA

EXPORT DIRECT est un accélérateur dédié exclusivement au développement export des PME de la région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, lancé par le MEDEF, Classe Export et le Campus René Cassin, avec le soutien de la DIRECCTE Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Voir l'article...

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13 décembre 2016

Bill casts doubt over universities’ foreign campuses

By Maina Waruru. Kenyan public universities could soon be barred from operating campuses in foreign countries without government approval if a bill introduced for debate in parliament is passed. Read more...

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