02 novembre 2015

Groups to Recognize Public Colleges' Embrace of Assessment

HomeTwo university associations plan to recognize institutions that engage in campuswide activity aimed at assessing and improving student learning, for the sake of internal improvement rather than accountability. The Excellence in Assessment designation is a joint program of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, working in conjunction with the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment. Read more...

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01 novembre 2015

Teaching excellence framework: a case of history repeating?

Roger Brown urges the current government to learn from the mistakes of past teaching assessment exercises. More...

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25 octobre 2015

Exzellenzinitiative: Wohin mit den Elite-Milliarden?

http://www.spiegel.de/static/sys/v10/logo/spiegel_online_logo_460_64.pngVon . Wettkampf um den Fördertopf: Elf deutsche Hochschulen dürfen sich "exzellent" nennen. Wird das so bleiben? 2017 geht die Exzellenzinitiative in eine neue Runde, ihre Zukunft wird jetzt entschieden. Mehr...

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20 octobre 2015

Universities don’t need a regulatory big stick to drive better teaching

http://static.guim.co.uk/static/c55907932af8ee96c21b7d89a9ebeedb4602fbbf/common/images/logos/the-guardian/news.gifBy. Institutions that score well on the Teaching Excellence Framework will be allowed to raise tuition fees – but will the TEF really intensify progress. More...

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Jo Johnson: TEF will include metrics on widening participation

By John Morgan. The teaching excellence framework will include metrics on widening participation and also help to drive “rapid market share shifts between universities”, according to Jo Johnson. More...

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Sajid Javid: priority for TEF is to ‘get it right’

By David Matthews. Business secretary responds to fears that 2017 is too soon to bring in new teaching excellence framework. More...

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16 octobre 2015

Un nouveau label d’excellence pour améliorer la qualité du financement de la recherche à l'échelon régional

European Commission logoLa Commission lance aujourd’hui une nouvelle initiative visant à garantir une utilisation efficiente de l’argent des contribuables par l'amélioration des synergies entre le financement européen de la politique régionale et celui de la recherche.
Le nouveau dispositif, appelé «label d’excellence», permettra aux régions de reconnaître le label de qualité attribué à d'intéressantes propositions de projets soumises dans le cadre d’Horizon 2020, le programme de recherche et d’innovation de l’UE, et facilitera l'accès de ces projets à diverses sources de financement, telles que les Fonds structurels et d’investissement européens (Fonds ESI) et d'autres programmes d’investissement nationaux ou régionaux. Voir l'article...

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05 octobre 2015

‘Stop rewarding research mediocrity’ – Group of Eight

Australia will not develop the innovative economy envisaged by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unless it stops rewarding mediocrity and ditches a culture of "every child gets a prize", the nation's most prestigious universities argue, writes Matthew Knott for The Sydney Morning Herald. Read more...

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01 octobre 2015

Excellence by numbers

No institution ranked among the world’s top 200 can be said to be average, but by looking at this cohort’s average indicators, we can learn much about what it takes to become world class. More...

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20 septembre 2015

As history shows, prizes don’t always end up in the right place

http://static.guim.co.uk/static/c55907932af8ee96c21b7d89a9ebeedb4602fbbf/common/images/logos/the-guardian/news.gifBy. The Research Excellence Framework needs to change so universities all get credit – and funding – where credit is due. More...

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