04 juin 2016

Universitas 21 - EI Strategic Priorites

At the U21 Educational Innovation (EI) Conference at NUS in November 2012, we agreed to conduct a survey of EI-related strategic priorities among member institutions in order to ensure strong relevance of our shared EI activities.  The results of responses shaped the cluster's Strategic Priorities, which are listed below.

  1. Leadership of educational change in a changing higher education environment
  2. eLearning and online learning
  3. Global citizenship
  4. Physical and virtual learning environments
  5. The teaching-research nexus
  6. Curricular reform
  7. Student engagement
  8. Broadening the educational experience. More...

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Universitas 21 - Position papers

In 2011, the U21 Teaching & Learning network decided to embark on a series of publications, looking at themes that held resonance within the U21 network and beyond.
The first in the series grew from the 2011 Teaching & Learning Conference and focused on the internationalisation of the curriculum and how this could and should affect the way in which universities adpat their teaching models.  The paper provided an overview of the research landscape for the benefit of practicing educators across a range of disciplines.  The paper addresses a range of issues, drawing on existing research, to provide expert advice on questions such as “What is an internationalized curriculum (skills versus content and the role of pedagogy)?”, “Why does an internationalized curriculum matter?”, and “What do we know about how it can be delivered?” More...

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Universitas 21 - Deans of Education

The U21 Deans of Education group has met regularly since the first meeting in 2000 to discuss issues of common interest and to promote collegial interaction and collaborative projects.

Initially, meetings were annual, coincident with the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), but, as a variety of projects emerged, the group has met twice-yearly, the second meeting coinciding with the annual conference of the European Educational Research Association (EERA). More...

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Universitas 21 - EI Conferences

The EI Cluster holds annual conferences to enable practioners and educational administrators to come together to discuss issues of importance, share best practice and exchange ideas and suggestions for way in which teaching and learning practices and policies can be enhanced and improved around the network. More...

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Critical Thinking in Global Challenges - U21's SOC

The new U21 SOC (Shared Online Course) is based on the University of Edinburgh’s MOOC, Critical Thinking in Global Challenges and it being offered here exclusively to students in Universitas 21 universities. The course is suitable for undergraduate students from any discipline.

Why should I take this course?

The introductory course will give you the opportunity to understand what critical thinking is, and to practice and enhance your critical thinking skills. Completing the course will give you extra ideas and new ways of examining and analysing key issue which, in turn, will help enhance the way you study. More...

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Universitas 21 - Teaching & Learning Network

The idea of a U21 network for senior staff with responsibilities in relation to teaching and learning dates back to 2006. A conference on e-learning was held at the Guadalajara campus of Tecnológico de Monterey in 2006 at which the U21 TLN was launched. This was followed in 2008 by a conference in Glasgow looking at issues of whether teaching and learning translate and then in 2009 a third conference was held at the Ningbo campus of the University of Nottingham with the theme of “Teaching and Learning for Employability in a Global Economy”. More...

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Universitas 21 - Educational Innovation

This cluster works to realise the benefits of research-inspired teaching by delivering a student experience that is unique to research-intensive, international universities. It facilitates the development of innovative approaches to teaching and learning by tracking activities to a set of identified Grand Challenges. More...

'FINE' is an international group of doctoral students and early career researchers in education who co-operate and collaborate on educational issues...
U21 launches its first SOC (shared online course), offering students a chance to share learning around some of today's global challenges.
The U21 EISG oversees activities in the U21 Educational Innovation (EI) cluster.
The annual U21 conference for practitioners and administrators concerned with all areas of Educational Innovation at our member universities.
A group which discusses issues of common interest and promotes interaction and projects within research and teaching in Education.
A collaborative cross-institutional project for the enhancement of students' international experiences.
A series of published papers on key themes and topics arising from discussions among U21 Educational Innovation cluster members.
The Educational Innovation cluster's Strategic Priorities.
A group for senior staff with responsibilities in relation to teaching and learning across the U21 network.

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Universitas 21 - Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (DDoGS)

Welcome to the web pages of the Universitas 21 Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (DDOGS). The U21 DDOGS have formed a group to enable the sharing of ideas and information, and enhancing knowledge, contacts and the skills-base across our membership.

We aim to identify ways in which U21 members can support each other and, ideally, share resources in areas such as professional development materials or programmes, information systems, and core policies and procedures. More...

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A group to share knowledge on internationally available funding streams and provide funding advice to U21 researchers

During the U21 Research Leaders meeting hosted by Lund University in May 2012, delegates voiced the desire to share knowledge on funding streams which were available for international collaboration.  It was noted that each member university has strengths in research and the group should take the opportunity to facilitate researcher mobility and collaboration by jointly applying to funding bodies.  The Research Leaders nominated colleagues from within their offices who have responsibility for research funding and international collaboration – and so the Researcher Collaboration Group was formed. More...

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The U21 RESG oversees activities in the U21 Researcher Engagement (U21 RE) cluster

The Researcher Engagement Steering Group (RESG) was created in May 2012 to oversee the focus and direction of the cluster and its associated activities.  The majority of initiatives within the cluster were founded by the Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (DDoGS) and Research Leaders Group.  The RESG therefore consists of members from both these groups also representing the geographical spread of the U21 network. More...

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