26 octobre 2016

Why is so much research dodgy? Blame the Research Excellence Framework

The Guardian homeByAlex Jones and Andrew Kemp. The Ref star system encourages novelty but offers no incentive to replicate studies – and that’s exactly what scientists need to be more sure of our claims. More...

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21 octobre 2016

A Gold Medal for Teaching, or a Silver?

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. English universities will be awarded gold, silver or bronze medals based on their performance in the new Teaching Excellence Framework, a government initiative to assess universities based on measures including student satisfaction, retention and graduate employment, Times Higher Education reported. Read more...

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14 octobre 2016

HEFCE to develop the next REF

Résultat de recherche d'images pour Following the publication of Lord Stern’s Independent Review of the Research Excellence Framework and confirmation from the Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, Jo Johnson, HEFCE will work with the other UK higher education funding bodies to develop the next Research Excellence Framework (REF). More...

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Panel members announced for Year Two Teaching Excellence Framework

Résultat de recherche d'images pour HEFCE has appointed members to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) panel including academics, students, employers and widening participation experts.
The Government is introducing the framework to recognise and reward excellent learning and teaching, and has asked HEFCE to implement Year Two of this exercise. More...

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12 octobre 2016

Tout va excellemment bien !

Sur le blog "Histoires d'universités" de Pierre Dubois. 20 septembre 2016, conférence de presse de Najat Vallaud-Belkacem dédiée à la rentrée universitaire 2016. Dossier de presse (39 pages).
Résumé. Tout va excellemment bien ! Le bonheur est dans le pré de l’université. Est-ce si sûr. Voir l'article...

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09 octobre 2016

Vers une « université intégrée » à Lyon ?

Sur le blog Gaïa Universitas. Décidément, les projets IDEX ne sont pas partout faciles à mettre en place.  A quelques mois du dépôt du dossier, la situation semble confuse autour du projet IDEX de Lyon. Mi-septembre on pouvait lire que « les universités Lyon 2 et Lyon 3 refusent de souscrire aux conditions de naissance de « l’Université intégrée » exigée dans le cadre du projet IDEX » (source ici). A Lyon comme souvent ailleurs, les difficultés se font sentir autour des LSHS et du droit. Voir l'article...

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New HEPI discussion paper argues for changes to the Teaching Excellence Framework

A new paper by the Higher Education Policy Institute considers the most controversial aspects of the new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and proposes substantial changes to make sure it works. Tackling Wicked Issues: Prestige and Employment Outcomes in the Teaching Excellence Framework (Occasional Paper 14) includes two essays, written by three authors with long experience in the higher education sector. More...

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Will prestige issues disrupt the Teaching Excellence Framework?

There are some universities that are excellent at research and others that are excellent at teaching. There are some that are excellent at both, where insights from new research brighten the lectures and vice versa. But the incentives for universities have been out of balance, with good research favoured over good teaching. More...

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01 octobre 2016

Assessment of Teaching in Determining Institutional Excellence

By Goolam Mohamedbhai. Almost all the global rankings of universities claim that they assess institutions across all the institutional core missions, including teaching. And prospective undergraduate students are invariably influenced by the global rankings in choosing the university where they want to study. Read more...

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28 septembre 2016

Education Dept. Sued Over Nonprofit Conversion

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. The Center for Excellence in Higher Education, a chain of for-profit colleges, is suing the Department of Education after it was blocked from converting to nonprofit status. Read more...

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