21 janvier 2020

Appel à propositions Erasmus + 2020

Logo Agence Erasmus+ France Education FormationLe budget prévu pour l’année à venir s’élèvera à plus de 3 milliards d’euros (en hausse de 12% par rapport au budget 2019) et permettra de financer encore plus de projets d’éducation et de formation. Dans le cadre de cet appel à propositions, la Commission lancera un deuxième projet pilote pour la création de nouvelles universités européennes. Plus...

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20 janvier 2020

Final International Conference of the Erasmus+ Project DASCHE

Screenshot-2018-5-3 NewsThe main objective of the DASCHE (“Developing, Assessing and Validating Social Competences in Higher Education”) project is to support policy learning between countries and higher education institutions in curricula development, assessment and validation of social competences. More...

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17 janvier 2020

Brexit: vers une sortie du Royaume-Uni du programme Erasmus+?

Les députés britanniques ont voté contre un amendement qui aurait obligé Boris Johnson à négocier le maintien du Royaume-Uni dans Erasmus+. Plus...

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15 janvier 2020

UK would face “formidable challenge” to replicate Erasmus programs

By Kerrie Kennedy. The House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee has called on the UK government to clarify its plans for the country’s future access to Erasmus, warning that it would be a “formidable challenge” to try to replicate at a national level the benefits of the EU’s programs. More...

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UK parliament votes down Erasmus+ clause

By Viggo Stacey. UK members of parliament voted against a clause which would have required the government to seek to negotiate continuing full membership of the EU’s Erasmus+ program. More...

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14 janvier 2020

Thanks to the Erasmus programme, my small world grew big

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theguardian"A year studying in Europe was the making of me, but this opportunity may now be lost for future generations. More...

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UK 'committed' to maintaining Erasmus+ exchange scheme

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theguardian"DfE says government wants to ensure students can continue to benefit from European exchange scheme. More...

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Erasmus funding key for UK mobility, but alternative options available

By Viggo Stacey. Erasmus+ funding remains a key enabler for British students choosing to go overseas, even though other options for funding for short-term mobility programs are available, delegates heard at UUKi’s Go International conference 2019 this week. More...

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Erasmus+ program not a “one-trick pony”, reports indicate

By Viggo Stacey. Students who partake in the European Commission’s principal exchange project – the Erasmus+ program – say they are more prepared for work than those who did not complete the program, and that it boosts a European sense of belonging, according to two new studies. More...

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“Total uncertainty” ahead for UK’s Erasmus and Horizon participation

By Viggo Stacey. Members of the House of Lords highlighted the “total uncertainty” ahead for the Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programs, while others warned of the implications of a no-deal Brexit, in a debate in the UK Parliament on Monday. More...

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