20 novembre 2016

EHEA - Employability

Logo of the Bologna ProcessThere are many definitions of employability, some of them are misleading, others too narrow. Employability is often perceived as the chance to become employed for a job in today's economy. Caution: This view is far too limited!
Employability in fact designates the ability of finding, fulfilling and keeping work (whether employed or independent is irrelevant). Knowledge, skills and competences have to be maintained and refined in order to keep pace with the constantly changing outside world. The term might be used in the sense of "survivability" including cultural, intellectual, practical, societal and financial contentment. More...

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19 novembre 2016

EHEA - Consultative members - BUSINESSEUROPE - Employability of graduates

Logo of the Bologna ProcessRaising the employability of graduates is a key issue for improving the functioning of European labour markets.
Increasing cooperation between the world of work and higher education, and acknowledging the shared responsibility of all actors, are necessary steps to ensure that individuals can continually refresh their knowledge and skills in a lifelong learning perspective, to improve both their personal and professional competences.

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17 octobre 2016

Call for papers. Employability: Pathways from education to work for young people

For the Journal of industrial relations, special issue. Guest editors : Paula McDonald, Deanna Grant-Smith and Greg Marston, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
Deadline for submission of papers : 28th November 2016.
This special issue examines current theory, evidence and policy related to the notion of ‘employability’. The concept of employability has become a ubiquitous one in research, public and educational policy and political rhetoric in relation to youth labour market concerns. Voir l'article...

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14 octobre 2016

Employer insights: What gets your students hired?

By . At EAIE Liverpool 2016, I had the privilege of organising an employer panel From learning to earning: employers’ perspectives on employability. [i]  In the session, representatives from multinational companies shared their insights into what they deem to be employable graduates. More...

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10 septembre 2016

Enhancing Workforce Employability in G20 countries

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentPosted by . During its presidency of the G20, China decided to focus the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers Meeting (LEMM) on the theme of “Innovation: Decent work, Enhanced Employability and Adequate job opportunities” (IDEA). To inform discussions around this topic, the international organisations were asked to prepare background reports on relevant themes and the OECD was asked to take the lead in preparing a paper on “Enhancing Employability”. More...

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09 septembre 2016

Graduate Employability and Industry Partnerships Forum

HomeThe first university in Europe was the University of Bologna (1088) which began as a law school teaching Roman Law – which was in demand across Europe for those defending the right of nations against empire and church – closely followed by the University of Paris in or around 1150 and the University of Oxford in 1167. More...

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07 septembre 2016

To further improve the employability of university and college graduates

HRK HochschulrektorenkonferenzThe employability of university and college graduates, whether in dependent employment or self-employment, is a key topic for the future of our country – with a view to demographic trends and also in light of the sharp increase in the university entrance rate in recent decades. In the context of international competition, Germany needs a high-performing education system that facilitates excellent skills development on the part of its graduates, putting them in a position to not only cope with the rapidly changing demands of the working world but to shape and form it. In this respect, personal development also continues to gain in importance. More...

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27 août 2016

Ten tips to help students become more employable

The ConversationBy and . One of the main reasons given by students for going to university is to get a good job afterwards, but with around 500,000 people graduating each year the job market is extremely competitive. A university course will help you develop some of the skills that employers are looking for, but you need more than a degree certificate to get a graduate-level job. More...

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06 juin 2016

Erasmus + : la mobilité a des effets sur l’employabilité

http://www.arftlv.org/images/logos/logo.jpgL'Observatoire Erasmus+ a publié en mai 2016 une étude comparée, issue de l’enquête Génération 2010 du CÉREQ, consacrée au devenir professionnel des jeunes ayant effectué une mobilité encadrée à l’étranger par rapport à ceux qui ne sont pas partis. Voir l'article...

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23 mai 2016

Employers placing lower value on grades, extracurriculars

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgHigher Ed Tech News and Research ~ Ray Schroeder, editor. The fifth annual study of global employability found that, in 2015, employers cared less about grades and extracurriculars and focused more on skills like innovation, leadership, and networking. More...

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