03 avril 2019

Responding to the Elite College Admissions Scandal

By Steven Mintz. Yale, you'll recall, spent $500 million to house 800 students in its two new residential colleges, which adds up to $625,000 per student.  USC spent a whopping $700 million on its residential village, which houses 2,500 students.  That's inexpensive by Yale standards, at just $280,000 per student, in a neighborhood where the average annual income is just one-tenth that amount. More...

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01 avril 2019

Elite Colleges Should Avoid Elitism

HomeThe current admissions scandal is a reminder of the dangers of elitism in higher education that assumes limited role for nonelite institutions, writes Seamus Carey. More...

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03 mars 2019

Elite High Schools and Online Education

By Joshua Kim. How an online high school may help us rethink the traditional “college” experience for undergrads who can’t live on campus. More...

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Does Elite Higher Education Function Like White Privilege?

By Eboo Patel. The multicultural meritocracy gives its own a leg up, just not quite in the same way that it used to be done. More...

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27 février 2019

Lowbrow Culture and Guilty Pleasures? The Performance and Harm of Academic Elitism

HomeA professor of gender and women's studies questions the arbitrariness and biases of scholarly standards for so-called lowbrow subjects and activities. More...

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17 janvier 2019

Why elite colleges should use a lottery to admit students

Screenshot-2018-5-7 Education – Views Research – The ConversationIf the Harvard admissions trial teaches us anything, it should be that there are more brilliant and accomplished young people in the United States eager for a top-notch education than there are seats to accommodate them. More...

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18 décembre 2018

They served their country. Why aren’t elite colleges serving them better?

University Business Magazine logoAt the top of the tattoo, above a version of the Marine Corps emblem, an American flag wraps around his shoulder. More...

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06 décembre 2018

Why Wikipedia Must Jettison Its Anti-Elitism

Why Wikipedia Must Jettison Its Anti-Elitism
One of the founders of Wikipedia expresses concerns about the online encyclopedia's future. Wikipedia needs to appear more credible, he argues, and to do this it needs a mechanism where expertise prevails. More...

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01 décembre 2018

Elite learning, anywhere

University Business Magazine logoAn online Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree made its debut in UPenn’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies. More...

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1,000 state schools have no applicants to elite career schemes

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianState-educated applicants to graduate schemes at top firms come from elite pool – report. More...

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