17 janvier 2020

‘Rationalization’ of online learning support agencies in the Ontario post-secondary system?

The Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities asked the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) to review digital learning initiatives and activities in the province’s publicly assisted postsecondary system, with a particular emphasis on the role of government and of its two funded partner organizations, Contact North and eCampusOntario. More...

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Online learning in the USA in 2018

The US Federal government recently released its . More...

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Whatever happened to 2019 – and online learning?

Looking at the traffic on my web site last week suggests many of you have already headed off for the holidays to a probably well-deserved break. However, the end of the year kind of snuck up on me – is 2019 almost over already? As Queen once sang, another one bites the dust. Better make a list of Christmas presents. More...

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Is there an international market for Canadian online learning?

In the most recent national survey of Canadian post-secondary institutions (Johnson, 2019), institutions were asked the location of their online students (in-province, out-of-province, international). The results, for me, were very surprising:

  • over one third of institutions were unable to answer this question because they do not track this data
  • of the two-thirds that did track these data, over half reported less than 5% of their for-credit online enrolments were out of province. Only 18% of institutions have 20% or more of their credit students who live out of province, never mind internationally.

The report concluded that ‘ultimately, the majority of online students are from the same province in which the institution is located.’ This is despite the fact that over 85% of institutions reported that online education is strategically important for attracting students from outside their traditional service area. More...

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16 janvier 2020

#5: 3 challenges & solutions around online learning

eCampus NewsE-learning may be the greatest revolution in today’s education. More...

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#1: 5 major online-learning challenges—and how to solve them

eCampus NewsPerhaps they weren’t expecting an online course to be demanding. Or, maybe they lacked the self-discipline required to succeed in an online learning environment. Whatever the reason, Watts encounters many more students who struggle to learn online than she sees laboring in a traditional course. More...

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What holds the key to the future of e-learning?

Techno-News BlogTechnology is a big factor impacting the Indian education scenario. We see it in the form of digital content and classrooms, online assessments and cloud-based platforms, augmented by the growing internet and smartphone penetration. More...

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How to Create Engaging Microlearning Videos for Your Online Course

Techno-News BlogMicrolearning is a unique aspect of eLearning. It focuses on teaching new information in bite-sized chunks. Microlearning is more than simply bite-sized training assets, though. More...

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How distance learning can plug the UK’s skills shortage

Techno-News BlogRemote learning is not a new concept for educators. Today, there are nearly 400,000 distance learners in Higher Education (HE), and three-quarters of university leaders say that online tuition is just as effective as lessons undertaken in a physical classroom. More...

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What 2U’s year of change says about the state of online learning

Techno-News BlogIn February, 2U announced it was partnering with an OPM called Keypath Education to support smaller and lower-tuition programs. More...

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