05 avril 2019

Higher ed: We are missing the boat in online learning

eCampus NewsWe are having the wrong conversations around online instruction. There is a constant pressure to “utilize” technology and “expand online learning” without much reflection on how the technology could actually enhance learning rather than just perpetuating ineffective teaching methods. More...

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4 myths about accessibility and online learning

eCampus NewsThose who are in higher education are probably tired of hearing about accessibility. But accessibility awareness is the key point to making courses accessible. Bringing this awareness to faculty on how they design a course had been an ongoing charge for those in higher education that work with course design. More...

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I taught online courses and formed stronger relationships with my students

eCampus NewsEven though I never saw the 50 college students I taught in back-to-back sessions last summer, I feel especially close to them. Our digital relationships were just as powerful as the relationships I have with face-to-face students. More...

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03 avril 2019

Online Education - The Forgotten Frontier in Student Affairs

By Eric Stoller. Are SA pros supporting not just campus-based students, but the ever-rising tides of online learners?
How, after years and years of online learning programs/degrees and millions of online learners (e.g. there are 30,000 online students just at ASU!) are we still having this conversation about online education? It's not a new phenomenon. It's not an emerging trend. It's not the future. It's just tiring how online learning continues to be framed as a fringe activity. More...

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02 avril 2019

Increasing Understanding of Online Learning

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Survey of campus strategy leaders categorizes colleges by online intensity and examines issues such as student interaction with instructors, governance and student outcomes. More...

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A Guide to Using Private Companies for Online Education

HomeBy Doug Lederman. A South African university research center issued a report this week that assesses how different universities are working with outside companies to deliver their online academic programs. More...

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‘The Promises and Limits of Online Higher Education’

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Online learning is becoming an increasingly important feature of postsecondary education, but it threatens to widen rather than narrow educational inequities if institutions don't take steps to improve the outcomes associated with it, a new report asserts. More...

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A University Goes It (Mostly) Alone Online

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Southern Methodist University works with two online program management companies. For all future online programs, it plans to bring the operations in-house, citing mission and money. More...

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01 avril 2019

UMUC 2.0

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. The online university will become University of Maryland Global Campus and spend $500 million to grow nationally, while some in the Maryland system mull whether the university could help run online programs for other campuses. More...

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Building Online Courses Communally

HomeThe master model of course development devalues all but the lead instructor and reduces students to numbers, Penelope Adams Moon argues. We can do better by building online courses together. More...

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