23 janvier 2013

Techniciens supérieurs, devenez ingénieur par la formation continue!

http://download.cerimes.fr/media/formasup/lorraine.gifLa filière Fontanet à distance
Vous êtes titulaire d’un diplôme de niveau bac+2 ou plus (ou équivalent) et vous pouvez justifier de trois années d’expérience à ce niveau: préparez dès mars 2013 les Unités de Mise à Niveau en mathématiques et intégrez le cycle préparatoire à l’entrée en école d’ingénieurs en septembre.
La formation se déroule entièrement à distance!

    * Mars à juin 2013
      Unités de Mise à Niveau en mathématiques (14 modules tutorés via webconférences)
    * Septembre 2013 à juin 2014
      Cycle Préparatoire à l’entrée en école d’ingénieurs
    * Septembre 2014
      admission en 2ème année d’une école d’ingénieurs.
Les inscriptions sont ouvertes.

Service Formation Tout au Long de la Vie


Tél. : 03 83 68 28 33
Twitter : @fculorraine
Plaquette : http://www.fc.univ-lorraine.fr/communication/notre-documentation.html#c899.
http://download.cerimes.fr/media/formasup/lorraine.gifFontanet distance remote
You are a graduate of bac +2 level or higher (or equivalent) and you can justify three years of experience at this level since March 2013 prepared Units Upgrade and integrate mathematics cycle preparatory entry into the engineering school in September.

The training takes place entirely at a distance!

* March to June 2013

Upgrade units in mathematics (14 modules tutored via web conferencing)

* September 2013-June 2014

Preparatory course for entry into engineering school
. More...

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19 janvier 2013

#Mobile #Moodle plugins available for download

IgnatiaBy Ignatia Inge de Waard. Great news for all of us Moodle users. Carlos Kiyan and many other contributors have released their plugins for mobile Moodle to the plugins repository. 
These two plugins started as one of the earliest Mobile Moodle projects (back in 2010: Moodle4iPhone). The two new themes can be downloaded and applied to your Moodle site (they support Moodle 2.4 and tablet or smartphones compatible with iPad and Android tablets or iPhone/iPodtouch/Android 4.x devices.

This release follows a beta testing round that was announced in November 2012.

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18 janvier 2013

Top ten predictions for online learning in 2013

http://i4.spstatic.com/images/201104/bkg-footer-highlight.jpgBy Charlie Osborne. As the distance learning industry booms, what can we expect from 2013?
Nord Research Associate and online learning specialist, Dr. Tony Bates, has released his fourth annual predictions for how online learning will change in 2013 based on the Canadian education industry. According to Bates, online learning will experience a shift and move into mainstream programs as the growth of hybrid learning — to accommodate new technologies — takes root in the education industry. Due to this, it is possible that academic institutions will give distance-based online learning methods more of a priority within their long-term strategies.
“In online learning, the only thing you can really be certain of is uncertainty,” says Bates. “A major multinational player like Apple, Google or Facebook could jump into the online learning market and, in partnership with some elite universities, take a major share of the for-credit online market.”
All in all, the researcher believes that 2013 will prove to be a “transformative” year for online learning worldwide; but what are his predictions?
1. From the periphery to the center.
When online learning began to take off in 1995, it remained very much on the periphery of accepted learning practices, and is still yet to achieve the same worth as traditional classroom education. However, Bates says that in 2013, online learning will move from being a “sidebar” to becoming central to an institution’s operation.
2. Hybrid learning.
Instead of relying on massive open online courses (MOOCs) to push the drive from periphery to center, hybrid learning methods may be the primary reason online learning becomes a priority of colleges and universities. Hybrid learning, a mix of online and campus-based teaching in order to improve educational quality and boost productivity, will potentially lead to full redesigns of courses. Read more...

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17 janvier 2013

Online courses need human element to educate

http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/.e/img/3.0/global/header/intl/hdr-globe-central.gifBy Douglas Rushkoff. Education is under threat, but the Internet and the growth of Massive Open Online Courses are not to blame.
Like the arts and journalism, whose value may be difficult to measure in dollars, higher education has long been understood as a rather "soft" pursuit. And this has led people to ask fundamental questions about it:
What is learning, really? And why does it matter unless, of course, it provides a workplace skill or a license to practice? Is the whole notion of a liberal arts education obsolete or perhaps an overpriced invitation to unemployment?
The inability to answer these questions lies at the heart of universities' failure to compete with new online educational offerings -- the rapidly proliferating MOOCs -- as well as the failure of most Web-based schools to provide a valid alternative to the traditional four-year college. Education is about more than acquiring skills. Read more...

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10 janvier 2013

Would You Pay $100 for a Free Online College Course?

http://www.slate.com/etc/designs/slate/images/sl-sprite-hp.pngBy Will Oremus. In just one year, Coursera has established itself as the giant in the rapidly growing field of online higher education. It has done it by partnering with dozens of prestigious universities around the world to broadcast lectures to the masses, for free. Not surprisingly, this approach has proven stupendously popular. The New York Times’ Tamar Lewin noted that Coursera drew one million users in its first four months, more than Facebook or Twitter.
The massive expansion has been financed by venture capitalists, who will of course eventually expect a return on their investment. But venture capitalists can afford to be patient. Their risk is matched by the potential for enormous long-term returns. Read more...

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09 janvier 2013

11 top UK universities partner with FutureLearn of the Open University to launch free online courses

Eleven of some of the best UK universities are partnering with the Open University to launch free internet courses, in a bid to catch up with rival US programmes Coursera, edX & Udacity.
King's College London, along with the Universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, East Anglia, Exeter, Lancaster, Leeds, Southampton, St Andrews and Warwick have partnered with "FutureLearn", a company set up by the Open University that will offer free, non-credit bearing courses to internet-users around the world.
The courses are structured along the lines of the American 'massive open online courses' (Moocs), which have attracted millions of users across the globe, and are especially popular in emerging economies - a key market place for UK universities. Read more...

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Les présidents des universités américaines favorables aux cours en ligne

Orientations : études, métiers, alternance, emploi, orientations scolaireLes cours en ligne sont approuvés par la majorité des présidents des universités américaines, révèle le site L’Atelier. Un enthousiasme qui n’est pas toujours partagé par le grand public…
L’apprentissage en ligne s’est fortement développé l'année passée, notamment par le biais des Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), ou cours en ligne ouverts et massifs.
L’apprentissage en ligne, une valeur ajoutée pour les étudiants…

Ainsi, d’après l’étude conduite par le Pew Research Center, les présidents d’universités américaines pensent que l’apprentissage en ligne représente une vraie valeur ajoutée pour les étudiants. Suite de l'article...
Treoracha: oideachas, gnó, re, fostaíocht treorach scoile, Cúrsaí ar líne atá ceadaithe ag an chuid is mó de Mheiriceá uachtaráin ollscoile, mar a nochtann an láithreán gréasáin Ceardlann. Ní Díograis roinnte i gcónaí ag an bpobal i gcoitinne. Tá foghlaim ar líne tar éis fás go mór le bliain anuas, lena n-áirítear trí Rásaíocht Líne ollmhór Oscailte (MOOCs) nó cúrsaí ar líne oscailte agus ollmhór. Níos mó...

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04 janvier 2013

Verlage klagen gegen digitale Semesterapparate

http://www.epapercatalog.com/images/zeit-online-epaper.jpgIm Netz können Studenten auf wissenschaftliche Literatur zugreifen, sie kopieren und speichern. Verlage fürchten ums Geschäft und ziehen vor Gericht.
Zusammenkopierte Reader stehen neben Quellenverzeichnissen, Essaysammlungen neben den wichtigsten Monografien. So kannten Generationen von Studierenden ihre "Semesterapparate", die sie in den Unibibliotheken fanden. Die wichtigsten Materialien für die Seminare waren darin auf einem Regal zusammengestellt, leicht konnten so Unterlagen kopiert werden. Inzwischen finden Studierende ihre Semesterapparate oft online: In digitalen Versionen sind die Materialien im Intranet der Hochschulen gespeichert. Eigentlich urheberrechtlich geschützte Artikel und elektronische Lehrmaterialien werden dort auszugsweise freigegeben. Ein eigener "E-Learning-Paragraf" im Urheberrecht erlaubt das bisher. Er schützt auch Materialsammlungen für den Unterricht in Schulen oder in Einrichtungen der beruflichen Weiterbildung. Mehr...

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Vers le développement des cours en ligne à l'université

Orientations : études, métiers, alternance, emploi, orientations scolaireGeneviève Fioraso vient d'annoncer la mise en place d'un plan numérique dans les universités, en vue notamment de rattraper leur retard en matière de pédagogie à distance.
Le gouvernement entend combler le retard des universités françaises en matière de pédagogie à distance en misant notamment sur le numérique. Cela devrait ainsi se traduire, dans les faits, par davantage de possibilités de suivre des cours en ligne. "Tous les cours magistraux qui sont dispensés dans des amphithéâtres bondés, dans de mauvaises conditions, tels que les cours de médecine de première année, peuvent être remplacés par des cours en ligne", a ainsi insisté Geneviève Fioraso, la ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, dans une interview accordée aux Echos. Suite de l'article...
Treoracha: oideachas, gnó, re, fostaíocht treorach scoile, Genevieve Fioraso fhógair a bhunú léarscáil digiteach in ollscoileanna, go háirithe chun teacht suas i dtéarmaí teagaisc ar fad. Níos mó...

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31 décembre 2012

Stephen's Web - Articles

Since 1995 I have been posting my articles online. I started because I was worried that my contributions to online forums - such as Hotwired - would disappear. Some are long, others are short. Some of my posts are formal essays, others are responses to an email discussion list. And because I have varied interests, my articles reflect varied interests as well. In one breath I will be talking about web programming, then in another about online learning, then in yet another about global warming or new media. And everything in between. Currently 1,259 articles are listed here. This page lists them in chronological order. There's also a organization by category.

  1. The Rise of MOOCs, April 23, 2012.
  2. Let's Get to Work, April 21, 2012.
  3. LCT Poll , April 20, 2012.
  4. Notes from Tallinn, April 18, 2012.
  5. Review: The Edupunks' Guide, by Anya Kamenetz, April 5, 2012.
  6. We'll Take Them, April 1, 2012.
  7. That Something Else Better, March 29, 2012.
  8. Code for Repression, March 28, 2012.
  9. The Centre Moves, March 18, 2012.
  10. Education as Platform: The MOOC Experience and what we can do to make it better, March 12, 2012.
  11. The Senate, March 10, 2012.
  12. What a MOOC Does, March 1, 2012.
  13. Knowledge, Learning and Community, February 27, 2012.
  14. The OEO Logo and CC, February 26, 2012.
  15. Open Season on Pedestrians, February 24, 2012.
  16. Social Media: An Interview, February 23, 2012.
  17. Let the People Keep Their Pets, February 21, 2012.
  18. The Fracking Calculation, February 19, 2012.
  19. Taking the North Seriously, February 12, 2012.
  20. E-Learning: Générations, February 11, 2012.
  21. E-Learning Generations, February 11, 2012.
  22. Council Hears Royal Oaks School Rezoning Presentation, February 6, 2012.
  23. Proposal to Rename Park Presented to Council, February 6, 2012.
  24. Arguments for Moving Moncton High School Don't Hold Water, February 2, 2012.
  25. Moncton Moments, February 1, 2012.
  26. Passwords on gRSShopper, January 29, 2012.
  27. Advice to Teachers on Online Learning, January 26, 2012.
  28. The Argument from Theft, January 11, 2012.
  29. Knowledge and Recognition, January 11, 2012.
  30. Data, January 10, 2012.
  31. Memory and Memorization, January 7, 2012.
  32. Creating the Connectivist Course, January 6, 2012.

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