16 août 2013

EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2013

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/elearning_papers.pngThe EFQUEL Innovation Forum (EIF) is the leading conference for practitioners in international quality and innovation in e-learning, training and development. The 8th EIF will take place on 27-28 September, 2013 in Barcelona.
The conference aims to extract the scientific essence of the new wave of e-learning emerging through new and fascinating developments like Open Educational Resources, MOOCs and social media in learning and a decade of intense development of quality criteria, methods and management approaches.
Some of the questions to be addressed during the two-day event are: Where do we stand today in quality development in e-learning? What has proved working well? What is the orientation for the future? Which new and emerging fields and technologies are posing new challenges to quality development?
EIF 2013 will convene more than 150 experts in e-learning, who will be able to meet up with peers in the practitioners lounge, take stock of the latest developments and listen to leading innovators in the field of quality and innovation.

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Marketing - der Motor des eLearnings

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/elearning_papers.pngDie Technik funktioniert, die neuen eLearning Lösungen stehen zum Einsatz in Ihrem Betrieb bereit. Wie geht es weiter? Eines ist klar - eLearning muss genutzt werden, um Nutzen zu bringen!
Der gezielte Einsatz von Marketing als Motor des eLearnings ist ein Schlüsselelement auf dem Weg zur lernenden Organisation.
Die Inhalte des Webinars:
• Die 3 Phasen des eLearning Marketings: Vor, während, nach dem Rollout
• Beispiele, Tipps, Tricks aus der Praxis
Wann? 30.08.13 um 9:30 h
Dauer: ca. 30 min
Anmeldung unter http://goo.gl/duHkhS. Webinar "Marketing - der Motor des eLearnings".

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15 août 2013

Moodle Moot Romania 2013

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/elearning_papers.pngMoodle Moot Romania 2013 will be held on August 19-24 in the city of Brasov, hosted by the Transylvania University of Brasov.
The annual meeting of Romanian Moodle users will count this year with the participation of special guests form Ireland, Australia, India, Poland, Republic of Moldova and Portugal.
The event is open to educators, researchers, training companies, NGOs and public institutions interested in using Moodle as an instruction and assessment online tool.
The programme of the conference includes case studies, debates, practical workshops and courses.

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Benchmarking e-learning in higher education

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/elearning_theme_logo.jpgThis qualitative, multiple-case-study research with single and cross-case analysis focused on benchmarking e-learning in higher education was presented as an academic dissertation at the University of Oulu on December 14th 2012.
Higher education is facing a range of major challenges during the twenty-first century. Personalised, flexible and open learning are considered among the driving forces, thus, issues of quality must be urgently addressed. The results of this study include providing conceptual lenses with which to see, discuss and perceive the complexity of benchmarking elearning in higher education in extended, stretched and boundless learning environments. It has become obvious through the research that there is a need for new frames of reference for quality in e-learning.
Additional documents: Benchmarking e-Learning

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Moodle Research Conference 2013, Sousse, Tunisia (4-5 October 2013)

http://www.eua.be/images/logo.jpgThe Moodle Research Conference 2013 (MRC 2013) will take place in Sousse, Tunisia, from 4 to 5 October 2013.
The MRC is an annual event dedicated to research and development (R&D) in learning and teaching carried out with Moodle (open-source software). The event is an opportunity for academics, researchers, experts and practitioners who use Moodle and perform research and development to share experiences and exchange research achievements.
To find out more about the Moodle Research Conference 2013, please visit this website.
The Research Conference follows the Mediterranean Moodle Moot Conference, which takes place from 2 to 3 October.

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29 juillet 2013

School of Open launches 7 new free courses in August

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/imagecache/content_detail_picture/news/p2pu-logo-blog2.pngThe School of Open is offering its second round of facilitated courses. A total of 7 courses will be offered free of charge. Registration closes on 4 August, and classes will start on or after 5 August.
Launched in March 2013 and coordinated by Creative Commons and P2PU, the School of Open is a community of volunteers from around the world passionate about peer learning, openness, and the intersection of the two. The new round of free courses they are offering are:
  • Copyright 4 Educators (AUS) (7 weeks) – This course is open to anyone in the world, but will focus on Australian copyright law. This course will equip Australian educators with the copyright knowledge to confidently use copyright material in the classroom.
  • Copyright 4 Educators (US) (6 weeks) – This course is open to anyone in the world, but will focus on US copyright law as pertains to education.
  • Creative Commons for K-12 Educators (7 weeks) – This course will help K-12 educators find and adapt free, useful resources for their classes. It will also help them incorporate activities that teach their students digital world skills.
  • Designing Collaborative Workshops (4 weeks) – This course brings together case studies of some great collaborative workshops that have been run in the past.
  • Writing Wikipedia Articles: The Basics and Beyond (6 weeks) – Participants will learn about the software, the rules, and the cultural values that drive and support Wikipedia. It will focus on articles about openness in education.
  • Open Science: An Introduction (4 weeks) – This course is a collaborative learning environment meant to introduce the idea of Open Science to young scientists, academics, and makers of all kinds.
  • Why Open? (3 weeks) – This course will facilitate discussion on the different meanings of openness, how openness applies to different domains, as well as participants’ views of what it means to do things openly.
More information.

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28 juillet 2013

La búsqueda del conocimiento: como los estudiantes usan las plataformas digitales para elegir sus universidades

http://revistaeducacionvirtual.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/moocss.jpegBy . El viaje en búsqueda de educación para los estudiantes se ha trasladado a la web. Uno de cada diez futuros estudiantes ya busca exclusivamente en línea por las clases y programas deseados, según estudios de  Google y Compete. Para aprovechar las oportunidades de venta de cursos digitales, los vendedores tienen que llegar a los estudiantes a través de  los canales adecuados
- Y mirar más allá de los períodos de inscripción tradicionales – con una constante
presencia en línea. Y con la cantidad de personas dirigiéndose hacia material en  video en la búsqueda de  educación, se registró un aumento cuadriplicado de 2011 a  2012 en esta área, estableciendo así la importancia del video para acercarse a las universidades deseadas. Con tan solo un vistazo a las aulas universitarias de hoy, se verá lo ecléctico del cuerpo estudiantil con relación a hace 10 años. Se encontrará a la madre cabeza de familia, el profesor retirado, el que decidió cambiar de carrera a sus treinta y tantos entre otros personajes. Los avances tecnológicos han hecho la educación más accesible, más flexible y más eficaz para los estudiantes como estos y muchos más. Incluso para los estudiantes “tradicionales” se puede ver como la tecnología les ha cambiado todo, como leen, estudian y aprenden. Ahora, si te alejas del cuadro, notarás como algo falta en estas clases modernas: El salón de clase. Més...

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Un curso de Excel para disparar competencias!

http://revistaeducacionvirtual.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/moocss.jpegBy .Wedubox publicó el primer curso de Excel® enfocado a profesionales y estudiantes buscando dotarlos con una herramienta dirigida a sobresalir!. “Es sorprendente, pero encontramos que gran cantidad de estudiantes universitarios carecen de el manejo básico de Excel” asegura Andrea Parra, directora de comunicaciones en wedubox.co; “también encontramos quejas persistentes de empleadores sobre sus practicantes (becarios) universitarios” continua. Més...

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How online education can create a 'global classroom'

http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/.e/img/3.0/global/header/intl/hdr-globe-central.gifBy Daphne Koller. Around the world, and in developing nations especially, there is an overwhelming demand for higher education. Despite worldwide increases in tertiary enrolment numbers, there still remains disparity between those with access to quality education and those without. In Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, only 6% of college-age students are enrolled in higher education. That number rises to 72% in North America and Western Europe, but hovers around 20% to 40% for most developing regions, according to UNESCO reports. Without higher education, most people face a grim future. Read more...

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