23 mars 2014

E-learning, entre buzz et réalité éducative

http://blog.educpros.fr/fiorina/wp-content/themes/longbeach_jfiorina/longbeach/images/img01.jpgBlog Educpros de Jean-François Fiorina. De passage sur le salon e-learning expo (Paris), je vous livre quelques réflexions à partir des observations que j’ai pu y faire. Outre le fait que j’ai revu une ancienne élève et rencontré une ESC en stage – comme quoi le sujet intéresse ! -, je n’ai pas été saisi par de fulgurantes innovations. Suite...

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WCET Post on Distance Education Misconceptions

By . It is gratifying to see WCET pick up the mantle with their analysis of distance learning based on the new IPEDS data. They have several posts up already, and today’s post is quite good and important. If only more people jumping into the fray on higher education history and reform would start with a grounding in facts, the public debate and resulting recommendations would be much more useful. More...

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2U’s Upcoming IPO: Filing estimates $533 million company value

By . One month ago 2U filed its registration for an IPO in 2014. 2U is an online service provider that helps traditional universities develop fully-online programs, currently based on 9 customers at the master’s level (see here for summary of revenue per student and per customer). On Monday the company set the terms for the IPO, as described by Bill Flook in the Washington Business Journal. More...

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Proposed State Authorization: Dramatic increase in federal control of distance ed

By . The Department of Education (DOE) released their proposed State Authorization regulations this week as part of the negotiated rulemaking process that seeks to replace previous rules struck down by courts in 2011. While the new process is more transparent than before (which was the basis of the court rulings), the proposed rulings would represent a dramatic increase in federal control of distance education and compliance burden for institutions. More...

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Online and Face-to-Face Education

By Carole Browne and Jacquelyn Fetrow. Many faculty fear that online teaching is incompatible with the liberal arts educational model, a model that focuses on small class sizes and the availability of faculty to interact with students outside of the classroom—a model which, when done well, has been demonstrated to produce outcomes of critical and creative thinking and analytical reasoning. Read more...

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22 mars 2014

Difficult Online Students

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/Screen%20Shot%202011-12-12%20at%2012.29.48%20PM.png?itok=ITDqfJNPBy Andrea Zellner. I have been teaching online in some fashion since 2008, and in the course of that time I have learned a thing or two about dealing with the difficult student. Before we go on, however, I want to note that if a student is behaving in a threatening manner, you need to immediately contact your college or university and allow professionals to deal with such conduct. It is important that threatening or abusive behavior be dealt with immediately and by a full team of professionals at your institution. Now, back to the difficult student. Read more...

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19 mars 2014

Has the number of online programs been exaggerated?

eCampus NewsBy  - . When Hannah Benbow ran into problems with the for-profit college she attended, she turned to the federal government for help.
Benbow, 24, wrote to the U.S. Department of Education when the Art Institute of Washington in Arlington, Va.—one of more than 50 for-profit Art Institute campuses across the country—told her unexpectedly that she would need to apply for yet another student loan, on top of the nearly $120,000 she’d already borrowed, to cover $7,000 in fees she said were not disclosed to her before she signed up. More...

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17 mars 2014

La licence en droit à distance de l’université Panthéon-Assas de Paris

accès à l'accueil - Pôle emploiLa licence en droit à distance de l’université Panthéon-Assas s’adresse à toute personne se trouvant dans l’impossibilité de suivre les cours à l’université, notamment aux personnes en recherche d’emploi.
L’admission à la licence de droit numérique se fait sur dossier. L’inscription est obligatoire, annuelle et payable en début d’année. La licence aboutira au diplôme national.
Hormis l’organisation des examens, toute la procédure d’inscription, tout l’enseignement et tout contact avec l’étudiant se dérouleront via la plateforme pédagogique interactive.
Les cours magistraux seront dispensés sous forme d’enregistrements vidéo par les enseignants de l’université. Les cours vidéos seront accompagnés de ressources pédagogiques et d'auto-évaluations comme : textes de loi, jurisprudences, bibliographies, fiches descriptives, glossaires, cas pratiques, quizz et exercices, etc…
En plus des évaluations et exercices interactifs, l’étudiant aura à effectuer en ligne des devoirs obligatoires.
Des réunions méthodologiques sont organisées à l’université avant les examens.
Pour les étudiants qui ne peuvent se rendre à l’université, ces réunions seront diffusées en visioconférence, enregistrées et disponibles ensuite sur la plateforme pédagogique.
Comme pour le régime « en présentiel », l’année universitaire est composée de deux semestres, chacun sanctionné par des examens, en février et en juin. Si l’étudiant n’a pas validé toutes les matières, il pourra les repasser à la session de septembre.
Plus d'informations sur www.agorassas.fr. Voir l'article...

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16 mars 2014

Director of UF Online resigns after less than three months

By . When former provost Betty Capaldi Phillips agreed to come back to the University of Florida to direct the startup of the state’s first fully online four-year bachelor’s degree program, it was met with much fanfare.
She had built a reputation as vice chancellor of the State University of New York system and as provost of Arizona State University, helping to launch ASU’s own, nationally acclaimed online program. More...

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There May Be Fewer Online Programs Than You Think

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/wiredcampus-45.pngBy Lawrence Biemiller. A new report on online education finds “noise in the data” that institutions send to the U.S. Department of Education about their offerings. While 3,311 institutions say they have online programs, the report says, the actual number is more like 1,243—in part because the definition of “online” is “overly ambiguous and broad,” and in part because an institution that has multiple campuses can count each as having online programs, even if the institution in fact has only a single online offering available to all its students. More...

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