31 mars 2014

Cours en ligne gratuit pour inventer la classe du futur

Logo - Thot CursusPar Francine Clément. Basée à Bruxelles, la European Schoolnet Academy est une plateforme expérimentale d'apprentissage en ligne qui offre des cours de développement professionnel sur le thème de l'innovation en milieu scolaire. Les cours, d'abord destinés aux professionnels de l'éducation et aux enseignants européens des niveaux primaires et secondaires, sont ouverts à tous. Voir l'article...

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30 mars 2014

Embanet and 2U: More financial insight into Online Service Providers

By Phil Hill. While I have written recently about UF Online and 2U, there is actually very little insight into the operations and finances of the market segment for Online Service Providers (OSP, also known as School-as-a-Service, Online Program Management). Thanks to 2U going public yesterday and the Gainesville Sun doing investigative work on UF Online, we have more information on one of the highest growth segments for educational technology and online learning. Read more...

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Fernuni Hagen reduziert Studentenzahl

SPIEGEL ONLINESie sonnt sich darin, Deutschlands größte Hochschule zu sein: 88.000 Studenten lernen an der Fernuniversität Hagen. Doch jetzt fühlt sich die Hochschulleitung überlastet - und reduziert die Studentenzahl.
Mehr, immer mehr - damit soll jetzt Schluss sein. Deutschlands größte Hochschule, die Fernuni Hagen, klagt nach jahrelangem Studentenzuwachs über Überlastung und will den Ansturm bremsen. Die Uni-Leitung will zum Sommer die Zahl der Studenten um zehn Prozent drücken, von jetzt 88.000 auf rund 80.000. Mehr...

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Online Graduate Degrees Hit a Sweet Spot of Quality, Convenience

GaucheBy . From full master's degrees to professional certificates, online classes offer a wide variety of styles and subjects. While distance learning is hardly new, technology has now made it possible – and attractive – for hundreds of highly regarded U.S. institutions to offer their postgraduate degrees to students around the world. While some doctoral programs are being offered online – usually in professional fields like health sciences – the real growth in online graduate education has been in master’s degrees, says Debra Stewart, president of the Council of Graduate Schools, a Washington, D.C.-based organization dedicated to the improvement and advancement of graduate education. More...

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29 mars 2014

Encouraging Forum Participation in Online Courses with Collectivist, Individualist and Neutral Motivational Framings

This special issue of the eLearning Papers is based on the contributions made to the EMOOCS 2014 conference jointly organized by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and P.A.U. Education. Download Print Version.
Encouraging Forum Participation in Online Courses with Collectivist, Individualist and Neutral Motivational Framings
By René F. Kizilcec, Daniel McFarland. Online discussion forums have been shown to contribute to the trust and cohesion of groups, and their use has been associated with greater overall engagement in online courses.
We devised two experimental interventions to encourage learners to participate in forums. A collectivist (“your participation benefits everyone”), individualist (“you benefit from participating”), or neutral (“there is a forum”) framing was employed to tailor encouragements for forum participation. An email encouragement was sent out to all enrolled users at the start of the course (study 1: general encouragement), and later in the course, to just those who had not participated in the forum (study 2: targeted encouragement). More...

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Connecting the World through Open, Distance and e-Learning

ICDEThe development of technology considerably changes major characteristics and even the philosophy of education. Distance learning and e-learning have become a part of daily life and penetrate into conventional educational establishments. OER and MOOCs, as well as emerging smart education challenge existing educational systems. The kaleidoscope of approaches, techniques, breakthroughs and gaps in education make sharing experience and promoting cooperation a vital necessity at international, regional, national, local and institutional levels.
THEME OF THE ICDE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2014: Connecting the World through Open, Distance and e-Learning

  • distance education: the economic, technological, pedagogical and social outlook
  • open, distance and flexible learning for reduction of the gap between formal education and work
  • e-learning in a conventional educational establishment: challenges and possibilities
  • distance and smart education: narrowing or widening digital and cognitive gaps?
  • quality and standards of educational provision in distance settings; social and cultural diversity and linguistic plurality; educational tradition and innovation – where does the balance lie?
  • open, distance and e-learning as a field for cooperation at international, regional, interregional, national, local and institutional levels.


Working languages are Russian and English. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided at all plenary and selected parallel sessions.

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ICDE Conference: ‘Connecting the World through Open, Distance and e-Learning’, Moscow, Russia (25-26 September 2014)

LogoThe International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) together with Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI) are organising a conference entitled “Connecting the World through Open, Distance and e-Learning” in Moscow from 25 to 26 September 2014.

Early-bird registration is open until 31 March 2014.

For more information about the conference and the programme, please visit the website.

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27 mars 2014

4 ways to make your course more engaging

eCampus NewsBy . New method called ‘Connected Learning’ aims to make courses more engaging for youth.
Mobile technology and its use in the classroom is booming across the country; but outside of the ‘cool tech’ aspect, many educators struggle to understand why students find tech-connected classrooms more engaging. A new method of teaching and learning explains that it’s not about the technology–it’s about the four principles behind it. Connected Learning, an educational approach designed by the Alliance for Excellent Education (AEE), says it harnesses the information age to make learning more powerful. More...

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26 mars 2014

Harvard Business School Launching First Courses on HBX Online Platform

By Rhea Kelly. Harvard Business School is ready to dive into the waters of online learning. The institution will soon begin enrollment in the first set of courses to be offered on HBX, a new e-learning platform the school has been quietly developing over the past year and a half.
First reported by Bloomberg last October, HBX is a "digital learning initiative aimed at broadening the reach and deepening the impact of HBS's research and teaching," said Dean Nitin Nohria in a recent e-mail sent to members of the HBS community. While HBX uses technologies that complement Harvard and MIT's edX venture and other MOOC platforms, it is a separate entity customized for the business school's instructional approach. More...

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24 mars 2014

La filière STAPS à distance à l'Université Lyon 1

Retour sommaireChoisir les métiers du sport
Le département Management des organisations sportives de l'UFR STAPS - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - propose des formations à distance, adaptées au profil de chacun.
Le DEUST AGAPSC, parcours ADECS, Agent de DEveloppement de Club Sportif
Cette formation de niveau Bac a pour objectif de donner et valider les compétences liées au métier d’agent de développement : être capable d’encadrer les pratiquants d’une ou plusieurs disciplines sportives et d’assurer tout ou partie des activités de gestion et de développement de la structure qui les emploie.
Voir la description
Présentation de Fabrice Ponsin, responsable du DEUST AGAPSC, parcours ADECS, rencontré le 17 avril 2012 à l'UFR STAPS de Villeurbanne.
Le DUGOS – Diplôme Universitaire de Gestion des Organisations Sportives
Le DUGOS est une formation professionnelle de niveau III (bac + 2), comportant des enseignements théoriques toujours reliés à des applications pratiques, une mise en situation professionnelle et un suivi personnalisé (tutorat).
Voir la description
Présentation de Serge Piché, responsable du DUGOS, rencontré le 17 avril 2012 à l'UFR STAPS de Villeurbanne.
La Licence pro de Gestion et Développement des Organisations Sportives - GDOS
L'objectif de cette Licence Professionnelle est de former des managers de structures sportives directement opérationnels, sur des niveaux de fonction et de responsabilités de niveau intermédiaire.
Voir la description
Présentation d'Eric Boutroy, responsable de la Licence pro , rencontré le 17 avril 2012 à l'UFR STAPS de Villeurbanne.

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