13 avril 2014

The Right Model for Live Online Classes

By James W. Pennebaker and Sam Gosling. In 2012, we started teaching our Introductory Psychology course as a live online course. It was like a MOOC but was broadcast to 1,000 students who saw it in real time. One challenge of building a SMOC (a synchronous massive online class) was how to define the nature of the relationship we would have with students. The choice was to teach the class as a regular stand-up lecture or to try something more akin to a TV show. Read more...


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Online at Community Colleges

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Online enrollment continued to grow at community colleges in 2013, even as many two-year institutions saw overall enrollment stagnate or drop, according to a report released Sunday by the Instructional Technology Council. The council released its annual report on online education at the annual meeting of the American Association of Community Colleges, with which it is affiliated. Read more...

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12 avril 2014

Report from Welsh Online Digital Learning Working Group recommends open licensing for educational resources

In February 2013, the Welsh Ministry of Education set up an Online Digital Learning Working Group ‘to examine the potential for online digital learning and how the Welsh Government can support the higher education sector in this growing field’. This report offers the conclusions of the Working Group’s investigations and makes a number of recommendations. Report Link. More...

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Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Les activités de formation et de recherche dans les secteurs des sciences de la santé, des sciences et technologies et des sciences du sport, situent Lyon 1 au tout premier rang des universités françaises, quels que soient les critères retenus.
La cinquième université de France
L'université, installée sur 13 sites (surface totale bâtie de 443 000 m2) dans le Grand Lyon, à Bourg-en-Bresse, à Roanne et à St-Etienne, contribue efficacement au développement des territoires de l'ouest de la région Rhône-Alpes, région qui soutient ses initiatives. University Web site. More...

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11 avril 2014

Online students can't help being sociable

. It was a revolution moving higher education from bricks to clicks… and now it's started to go back to bricks again. Online university providers, which offered people the chance to study from home, are turning full circle by creating a network of learning centres where students can meet and study together. More...

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06 avril 2014

re\wire: ni

Stephen DownesBy Stephen Downes. re\wire: ni.
Nice post that isn't really a neat package (but it probably wouldn't be effective if it were) discussing the new 'networked individualism'. Here's a sample: "Listening simultaneously to each individual and to the entire networked world is beyond complicated. Beyond Burning Man. Beyond fan\dom. Beyond occupy. Beyond us. Perhaps it’s crazy to imagine a mechanism that could ground that much chaos/complication, and yet still be always listening without an agenda. Imagine all of us together – interconnected – 24/7, as well as alone – echo chambered – 24/7. free ness. Perhaps it’s crazier to not give it a try." Read more...

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Free report durable Technology Enhanced Learning #Telearning

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. The Beyond Prototypes report provides a UK-based in-depth examination of the processes of innovation in technology-enhanced learning (TEL) with a special emphasis on building online learning solutions that are durable. The focus is also on design-based research. In order to do this, the report looks back at some long-running programs (one going back to the 80's), and their follow-up projects. The report also looks at challenges and misconceptions of TELearning: e.g. MISCONCEPTION: Most of the TEL innovation process takes place within universities. Read more...

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Part4 #xAPI seminar Andrew Downes on #learningdesign #eln

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard.
Almost groggy here after information overload and process... hoping still to make sense a bit. Great seminar!
Part4 #xAPI seminar Andrew Downes on #learningdesign. Wonderful resource: http:// http://tincanapi.co.uk/
And if you want to get an xAPI UK project going, have a look here, at the end there is link to get in touch and start a conversation
If you want to start designing xAPI statements, here is that start:
And a few pointers on how to start tracking xAPI and real world
And an iPhone xAPI statements viewer (free) here:
https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/experience-api-xapi-statement/id550133878?mt=8.

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Part3 #xAPI and #LRS #learningAnalytics #eln

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. Part3 Ben Betts from HT2 on Learning Record Store and #xAPI of the seminar, part 1 including general links and frameworks can be seen here, part 2 focusing more on tools can be found here
Ben Betts: www.learninglocker.net
xAPI (official name) and Tin Can are two names but covering the same thing, bit different ownership.
Ben looks at the anatomy of a statement (showing it IRL).
Learning Record Store: what it is, what it can do
Format is a triplet of data: actor – verb (English) – object (what it is you are doing: name, activity, …)
JSON is the language – light weight xml, each bit identifies. Read more...

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Part2 notes + mini course on #xAPI link #learninganalytics

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. First of all: great blogpost on “Tell your own learning story through #xAPI”: http://classroom-aid.com/2014/04/01/tell-your-own-learning-story-through-xapi/.
JOIN THE CLASS (found this while surfin just now:
Tell your own learning story through xAPI
By using Experience API, xAPI, learning experiences can be logged anywhere, trackable beyond the way you’ve ever imagined. xAPI brings new possibilities to every traditional learning standard, including e-Portfolio and SCORM. The statements are in the form of “Actor”+”Verb”+”Object”+…. But, we don’t think the “Actor” is only a puppet in a given story. They are characters in their own stories and in peers’ stories. Read more...

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