10 mai 2014

Rethinking Accessibility for Online Learning

By Sang-Mook Lee. I am a Korean marine geophysicist who became quadriplegic (spinal cord injury with complete injury on cervical bone number four) as a result of a van rollover accident during a geological field trip in California almost 9 years ago (July 2, 2006). I am completely paralyzed from the neck down. Read more...

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Irish Bid for Online Market

HomeBy Naomi Powell for Times Higher Education. The National University of Ireland is considering a leap into accredited online education with the aim of uniting universities in the republic behind a single international brand. The concept, to be examined in a feasibility study this year, would place participating universities under an NUI-branded umbrella organization with the aim of making a bigger splash in the rapidly evolving field of online education. Read more...

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A to Z of Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. A to Z of Learning.
rom aLearning to eLearning to zLearning - a good idea, but I think Donald Clark missed the mark on a few letters. Like rLearning, which he says must be 'Redundant Learning', really (it seems to me) would be better suited for 'Rote Learning'. vLearning he calls 'Various Learning' but it should obviously be 'Virtual Learning'. xLearning he called 'Xenodochial Learning' but really should be 'eXtended Learning' as in TEDx, EdX, and xMOOCs. 'yLearning' should be 'You L:earning', 'uLearning' should be 'Ubiquitous Learning'. More...

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09 mai 2014

eDialog eLearning - Wissens- und Erfahrungsaustausch zum Thema Führungskräfteentwicklung


Wir, das Team von eLearning-Anbieter Skillsoft, laden Personalverantwortliche von Unternehmen herzlich ein zu unserer neuen, deutschlandweiten Event-Reihe "eDialog eLearning - Wissens- und Erfahrungsaustausch zum Thema Führungskräfteentwicklung". Website: eDialog eLearning - Wissens- und Erfahrungsaustausch zum Thema Führungskräfteentwicklung. Read more...

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Why online teaching is profitable

eCampus NewsBy . Innovations in technology are poised to upend how students learn and the way educational institutions impart knowledge to people around the world, according to panelists at the Milken Institute Global Conference. More...

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08 mai 2014

Big Dog, Little Dog

My PhotoBy Donald Clark. Thoughts on Instructional Design and performance by Big Dog & Little Dog.
A to Z of Learning
aLearning (Alpha Learning) - To begin to understand, but not fully comprehend (has not groked or gLearned)
bLearning - (Blended Learning) - A mixture of media, such as cLearning and eLearning (brick and click)
cLearning - (Classroom Learning) - Learning in a classroom or formal setting
dLearning - (distance Learning) - Learning from an electronic device, such as eLearning, mLearning, or pLearning. May also include other media that is sento the learner, such as mail
eLearning - (Electronic Learning) - Learning from the Internet (part of dLearning)
fLearning - (Formal Learning) - The learning goals are determined by instructional designers (learners may provide input). More...

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06 mai 2014

3 Online Tools to Help You Get to Know Your Online Students Better

Latest TweetsBy . “Getting to Know You” activities for the online classroom: some tools to foster camaraderie in online students
Is chumminess important?
Teachers of children know that it is not only their responsibility to nurture the child’s mind, but to nurture their ability to interact socially. Education is social. Working, in most situations, involves collaboration. Working together is easier when people know each other and have some things in common. What does this mean in the technological age? People “meet” their co-workers in emails and in chatboxes. Then, they have to work together. More...

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5 Must-Use Features of Moodle Every Online Teacher Should Know

Latest TweetsBy . I have been taking Moodle training courses since the fall of 2009, co-facilitating and presenting in Moodle courses and conferences since 2010.  For the last three years, I have both helped move a small online school from PBWorks to Moodle as well as started teaching courses on my own Moodle installation with my live classes presented on the WizIQ social media teaching platform. On this journey, I have gained deep appreciation of Martin Dougiamas, his team at Moodle.org and the army of volunteer developers who have created a wealth of customizable features to their wonderful constructivist course management system. Their collaborative work has made Moodle, by far and away, one of the most flexible, creative and easy-to-use teaching and learning systems out there. More...

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05 mai 2014

3 Internal Questions for Non-Profit / For-Profit Online Program Partnerships

By Joshua Kim. Many of us have been closely following the 2U Semester Online story. The fact that the 2U and its partners have chosen not to continue the Semester Online program should not obscure the larger story about the growth of not-for-profit / for-profit partnerships in developing online learning programs. These partnerships will continue to grow, as more schools become comfortable with the idea of bringing in a for-profit partner to develop academic programs, and as the for-profit online course development industry continues to consolidate and mature. Read more...

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04 mai 2014

'We Gave It a Year'

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. Online education criticism, administrator-faculty quarrels and quality concerns -- the troubles that faced Semester Online and its partner institutions can be summed up in one word: skepticism. One semester into Washington University in St. Louis’s one-year commitment to Semester Online -- 2U’s initiative to create a pool of credit-granting online courses that combined asynchronous content with live online sessions -- faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences there returned to the question last month. Read more...

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