16 juin 2014

Rapport eLearning Africa 2014 : les TICE vont transformer le continent

Logo - Thot CursusPar Tété Enyon Guemadji-Gbedemah. Comme de coutume, en marge de la tenue de la Conférence eLearning Africa de cette année du 28 au 30 mai en Ouganda, un rapport sur les usages des technologies de l'information et de la communication dans l'éducation en Afrique a été rendu public. Ce rapport assez optimiste de 136 pages est intitulé : la clé de l'avenir (The Key to the Future). Il défend la thèse selon laquelle l'amélioration de l'éducation en Afrique dépendra de celle des communications et de la connectivité. Suite...

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Unizin: What are the primary risks?

By Phil Hill. In Michael’s most recent post on Unizin, the new “learning ecosystem” initiative driven by Indiana University, he asked the question of who would be threatened by the proposed consortium (with the answer of edX). This question assumes of course that Unizin actually succeeds in large part, but what are the primary risks for the initiative to succeed in the first place? Based on the public information we have available to date (primarily in the two posts linked above), I see two near-term risks and one long-term risk that rise above the others. Read more...

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No, I don’t believe that Harvard or MIT are hiding edX data

By Phil Hill. Since my Sunday post What Harvard and MIT could learn from the University of Phoenix about analytics, there have been a few comments with a common theme about Harvard and MIT perhaps withholding any learner-centered analytics data. Read more...

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eCampus News Advisory Board and Gophers

By Phil Hill. I have recently accepted an eCampus News offer to be part of their new advisory board. The idea is to have myself and the 10 other members help their editors get a better handle on the industry while also providing useful information to readers through opinion, advice or commentary. Read more...

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A response to new NCES report on distance education

By Phil Hill and . Last week the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released a new report analyzing the new IPEDS data on distance education. The report, titled Enrollment in Distance Education Courses, by State: Fall 2012, is a welcome addition to those interested in analyzing and understanding the state of distance education (mostly as an online format) in US higher education. Read more...

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15 juin 2014

Distance Education Groups Criticize State Authorization Proposal

HomeA trio of distance education advocates is pressing the U.S. Department of Education to scale back its proposal that would require online programs to be overseen by regulators in each and every state in which they enroll students. In a letter sent Friday to Education Secretary Arne Duncan, the groups warn that the Department of Education’s most recent draft of a “state authorization” rule would, if enacted, lead to “large-scale disruption, confusion and higher costs for students in the short-term” with no long-term benefit. Read more...

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ViduSign: Creative video for the deaf

The mission of the ViduSign project is to use creative video for teaching, learning and communications for the European deaf communities.
About the project
ViduSign is a 2 year European project that will explore the creative use of video production for the young Deaf. It will investigate how video can support creative discovery and problem-based learning using a multiple communication approach. It will work transversally, across different countries, to help young Deaf people, aged 15 to 24, in their education and vocational preparation. Links Vidusign website, Vidusign Facebook, Invitation to help. More...

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14 juin 2014

The eLearning Africa Report 2014

The release of the eLearning Africa Report 2014 was announced on May 28 by His Excellency Edward Ssekandi, Vice President of the Republic of Uganda. The report reaffirms the importance of improving ICT in the continent to benefit education. 
The report is a guide to the e-learning initiatives in 55 African countries, including a survey of funding sources and analyses of the agriculture, tourism, and health sectors. It includes contributions from renowned commentators such as Binyavanga Wainaina, Paul Boateng, Bitange Ndemo and Aida Opoku-Mensah. More...

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09 juin 2014

Quick! Describe an Online Student!

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/confessions_of_a_community_college_dean_blog_header.jpgBy Matt Reed. What does an online student look like?
The question may seem silly or trivial, but a lot rides on it. Colleges make choices about how to organize classes, which registration protocols to follow, how to structure semesters, and how to deliver advising -- among other things -- based on what they think the online student wants. Read more...

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The Pulse: Copyright in Online Education

HomeBy Doug Lederman. This month's edition of The Pulse podcast features an interview with Dina Leytes, who chairs the intellectual property and new media practice at Philadelphia's Griesing Law firm. In the interview with Rodney B. Murray, host of The Pulse, Leytes discusses some of the copyright issues related to online higher education. Read more...

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