22 décembre 2014

Khan Academy founder has two big ideas for overhauling higher education in the sciences

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Khan Academy founder has two big ideas for overhauling higher education in the sciences
Gregory Ferenstein, Venture Beat, 2014/12/19
So let's have fun talking about why these would never work: "Sal Khan has a few ideas for how to radically overhaul higher education. First, create a universal degree that’s comparable to a Stanford degree, and second, transform the college transcript into a portfolio of things that students have actually created". More...

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The Internet Is a Zoo: The Ideal Length of Everything Online

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Internet Is a Zoo: The Ideal Length of Everything Online
Mark Uzunian, SumAll, 2014/12/19
I don't link to infographics. That's one key message I want people to take from this post. So please don't send me infographics to link to. Having said that, this post is a link to an infographic, because this one actually occupied my attention for a couple of minutes, and presented some useful information that appears to be data-backed (you'll have to scroll down past the advertorial content (which is why I don't link to infographics)). More...

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Strict Finitism and Transhumanism

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Strict Finitism and Transhumanism
Peter Rothman, Humanity+, 2014/12/19

I have a very unhappy relationship with the concept of infinity. I maintain that I can't comprehend infinity, and infinity insists on inserting itself into my cognition. This impacts what I think about pretty much everything (including, even, what I mean when I say 'everything'). More...

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That was the year that was for online learning: thank you and goodbye, 2014

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . 2014 though is a significant year for me, because I decided to stop taking paid contracts from April (in principle, at least). As a result, I haven’t been as engaged with the Canadian post-secondary system as previously (19 institutions in 2013), and since starting on my open textbook in May, I haven’t been keeping up and blogging about new developments in online learning as much as in previous years. See more...

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21 décembre 2014

Using time and space in online learning

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . Different media and technologies operate differently over space and time. These dimensions are important for both facilitating or inhibiting learning, and for limiting or enabling more flexibility for learners. There are actually two closely related dimensions here:

  •     ‘live’ or recorded (time)
  •     synchronous or asynchronous (space). See more...

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Are you broadcasting or networking when teaching online?

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . My next three or so posts will be looking at key characteristics of media and technologies, again as part of Chapter 8 on ‘Understanding Technology in Education’ for my open textbook, ‘Teaching in a Digital Age‘. In this post, I look at how media and technologies can be classified along the broadcast/communicative dimension. See more...

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Interactive learning spaces new campus must-have

eCampus NewsBy . According to innovative universities, it’s not the mobile devices and software that are key to building the “soft skills” so valued by today’s workforce—it’s the interactive learning spaces part of building design. More...

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Trend: Campuses moving from online to On-Demand

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . IT experts are calling it a super storm of forces that’s changing the way a campus ecosystem operates. More...

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5 ways higher ed shuts down Common Core

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . The brief, “Common Core Goes to College: Building better connections between high school and higher education,” by Lindsey Tepe, program associate on the New America Foundation’s Education Policy Program, begins her brief with a powerful metaphor, linking the blunder of Chicago’s underground tunnel to what’s currently happening with the Common Core. More...

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3 trendy learning terms that need differentiating

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . Not all trendy terms are created equal, explains an industry whitepaper, with the aim of helping educators differentiate seemingly similar concepts in order to more effectively implement them. More...

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