03 juillet 2019

Early-years education online: the rise of the virtual preschool

Techno-News BlogLegislators in North Carolina in the US recently passed a bill to fund an online preschool program for ‘at risk’ children. This means that children aged three and four years can take their preschool education at home in the form of online ‘kindergarten readiness programs’. More...

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02 juillet 2019

7 Strategies to Promote Community in Online Courses

Techno-News BlogOne of the concerns I frequently hear from instructors considering teaching online is that they will lose the interaction and sense of community they have with their students when they teach face-to-face. That doesn’t have to be the case; many online instructors successfully create a sense of community in their courses. More...

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01 juillet 2019

Podcast Jazz Wiki: Invitation to Contribute

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Julie Lindsay[Edit][Delete]: Podcast Jazz Wiki: Invitation to Contribute, eLearning Blog [Edit][Delete] July 6, 2006
The title is a bit misleading; this short item is actually some discussion and links to the Podcast Bangladesh project, including Julie Lindsay's presentation at NECC06. It's worth a visit to her blog to see more blogging from NECC06 and to broaden the international perspective. More...

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EU eLearning Conference 2006

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Teemu Arina[Edit][Delete]: EU eLearning Conference 2006, July 6, 2006
Teemu Arina writes in, "these few links might be of interest to you: a dedicated talk to you and others on informal learning, just trying to steer the policy makers in EU in the right direction (I hope), and a podcast from the BBC guy on how they supported social computing inside their organization. And our conference aggregator, of course." I watched the first item, the screencast, with is a nice statement of the decentralized approach to learning technologies. More...

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Managing Intellectual Property for Distance Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Liz Johnson[Edit][Delete]: Managing Intellectual Property for Distance Learning, EDUCAUSE Quarterly [Edit][Delete] June 26, 2006
Note that the University System of Georgia secures a license through a copyright holder only as a last resort - public domain, TEACH Act and fair use are all preferable alternatives. Which means that if the needed materials are available (and discoverable) through the public domain, commercial content can be avoided entirely. More...

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Computer-Based Assessment in E-Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Computer-Based Assessment in E-Learning, Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment [Edit][Delete] June 23, 2006
From the abstract: "This paper introduces a taxonomy or categorization of 28 innovative item types that may be useful in computer-based assessment... that fall somewhere between fully constrained responses... and fully constructed responses." I don't have a whole lot of use for taxonomies, but a lot of people like them. Me, I think of the discussion today, that could be paraphrased as, "We dealt with diversity by creating a common vocabulary. More...

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More Students Pursue Degrees Online

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Lois Romano[Edit][Delete]: More Students Pursue Degrees Online, Washington Post [Edit][Delete] June 22, 2006
From the article: "Online enrollment jumped from 1.98 million in 2003 to 2.35 million the following year, accounting for 7 percent of postsecondary education, according to Eduventures, a Boston firm that studies trends in education." I love the openly biased journalism in the second half of the story as the author cites unnamed "critics" to slam online learning, says obliquely that recently closed e-universities "did not offer what some students wanted" and then (blatantly falsely) asserts that "most elite schools have looked down their noses at online degrees." Amazing. More...

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24 juin 2019

VC's Forum - Towards a Global Online University (Raw)

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Tony Hirst[Edit][Delete]: VC's Forum - Towards a Global Online University (Raw), OUseful Info [Edit][Delete] June 12, 2006
Blog coverage of the Vice-Chancellor's Forum at the Open University, which I addressed last week. The notes are pretty point-form, but the post as a whole is an accurate reflection of the event. This extract from the discussion captures the flavour of the event: "MR - with 1 million alumni and 200k students, the OU should turn itself into a business... CY - HE sector is likely to have individual institutions failing. HE has the desire to do everything in a vertical organisation. If you can't be world class in a particular area, get someone else to it. SD - what's the goal? To get everybody educated for free. More...

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Perhaps Our Kids Really Are Smarter Than We Were: Technology and E-Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Susan Smith Nash[Edit][Delete]: Perhaps Our Kids Really Are Smarter Than We Were: Technology and E-Learning, E-Learning Queen [Edit][Delete] May 31, 2006
Facinating reflection and podcast on the question posed in the title. "We're smarter than your generation, Mom," he said. "WeâxTMve moved beyond that. We evolved." Is it true? Could the younger generation be smarter? I think that there's no question that they're different, that they have adapted to the new environment. That doesn't make them smarter. But it does make them more adept. More...

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21 juin 2019

The Future of E-Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Mark Harrison[Edit][Delete]: The Future of E-Learning, Kineo [Edit][Delete] May 11, 2006

I liked this presentation, though its use of Breeze made it hard to just flip through (because of the slides with time-delayed content). And forget about cutting and pasting a pithy quote into the newsletter. More...

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