16 mars 2015

Here’s What Will Truly Change Higher Education: Online Degrees That Are Seen as Official

New York TimesBy David Leonhardt. Three years ago, technology was going to transform higher education. What happened? 
Over the course of a few months in early 2012, leading scientists from Harvard, Stanford and M.I.T. started three companies to provide Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, to anyone in the world with an Internet connection. The courses were free. Millions of students signed upRead more...

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15 mars 2015

Yale Announces ‘Blended’ Online Master’s Degree

By . Yale University is creating a master’s program that will hold many courses online, continuing the Ivy League institution’s foray into “blended” learning. More...

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10 mars 2015

eLearning papers: innovation and entrepreneurship, and coming up - design patterns, MOOCs and games

I'd like to open this post by thanking the board of eLearning papers, and in particular the chair of the board, Professor Tapio Koskinen, for inviting me to join the journal team as the new editor in chief. I’ve been following eLearning Papers for quite some time, with great interest and appreciation, so I’m really excited to take this role. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Laia Canals, the previous editor in chief, for the great work she’s done over the last few years. More...

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09 mars 2015

Online Conference Presentation Resources

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Online Conference Presentation Resources
Karl Kapp, Kapp Notes, 2015/03/06
Oh I want to do something like this one day - I've listened to hundreds and hundreds of old time radio fiction over the last few years, I could probably do the genre - and it could be a great format for a presentation. More...

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4 Reasons You Don’t Have an E-Learning Portfolio

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. 4 Reasons You Don’t Have an E-Learning Portfolio
Nicole Legault, Flirting W/ Elearning, 2015/03/05
Interesting perspective on why people don't have or use e-learning technology like e-learning portfolios. So why wouldn't you post your best work online? Here are the four reasons:

  • You're too busy
  • You don't have any experience
  • You don't have any e-learning software
  • You signed an NDA. More...

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Nine Ways to Encourage Faculty Experimentation with New Online Teaching Technologies

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. Teaching online can be demanding. Faculty teaching online often spend their breaks between semesters refining and rethinking their classes. Because online classes can be developed from anywhere, they are developed everywhere—not just on campus. More...

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Staying the Course: Engaging and Retaining Non-Traditional Students in Online Education

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. In today’s higher educational landscape, non-traditional students are increasingly present on both traditional and online campuses, yet as online education has tripled over the past years more and more non-traditional students are opting for an online/blended course load that helps meet their competing demands and obligations. More...

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08 mars 2015

New program helps older special needs students in postsecondary world

eCampus NewsPACE is a new program where older Deron students participate in an educational job-shadowing effort. This group partnered with the New Jersey Devils. Before the start of a recent Devils home hockey game, the students were given the opportunity to observe a “behind the scenes” view of how employees make each event at the Prudential Center a success. More...

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Library offers free online courses to adult learners

eCampus NewsBy Jenae Hackensmith. Adult learners are able to access free online courses and earn completion certificates at their local library. Adult learners can now access more than 100 free online classes through Austin (Minn.) Public Library. More...

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Why online ed accessibility is not a “when we get to it” issue

eCampus NewsBy Bridget McCrea. In the era of online learning, colleges and universities are quickly learning that it’s not enough to provide online content—the content must be accessible for all. But how can institutions provide online accessibility; and is it a legal requirement. More...

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