14 juin 2015

New Website for a New Test

HomeBy Jacqueline Thomsen. The College Board and Khan Academy are today announcing a new partnership offering free online test preparation resources for students looking to take a new version of the SAT next spring. Read more...

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An Increasingly Popular Job Perk: Online Education

By . A partnership between Southern New Hampshire and Anthem Inc., a health-insurance company, will allow some 55,000 Anthem employees to earn associate or bachelor’s degrees through the university’s College for America, a competency-based assessment program. More...

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Amid Fast Change, Group Seems Slow to Enhance Colleges’ Control of Online Courses

By . Last spring a group of university leaders announced a bold, new project intended to help colleges gain more control of their online course platforms, as they increasingly turned to providers like Coursera or edX. A year later some observers are wondering what the group has actually accomplished, and where the consortium is headed. More...

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05 juin 2015

Online classes, convenience does not mean easier set up

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgHigher Ed Tech News and Research ~ Ray Schroeder, editor. My fellow procrastinators, you cannot procrastinate in these classes and expect to pass with flying colors. Online classes require participation throughout the entire class. If you wait to work on anything, you will get far behind and you can kiss that 4.0 goodbye. More...

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02 juin 2015

Making Online and e-Learning Accessible to All

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "huffingtonpost"By . The web is a great place for communications, social connections, gaming and even learning. Yes - online learning. This is a relatively new field that is extremely promising for differentiated learners - i.e. gifted learners, people with learning disabilities, and everyone else in between. I'm a big fan of the Khan Academy, Ted.org and MOOCs. More...

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01 juin 2015

Few Students Accept U of Florida Online Invitation

HomeJust 256 of the 3,118 high school students who were offered a spot in the University of Florida's Pathway to Campus Enrollment program, or PaCE, have taken the deal, The Gainesville Sun reported. PaCE is an attempt by the university to use UF Online, its recently created online arm, to increase campus enrollment without placing further strain on its physical campus resources. Read more...

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31 mai 2015

Fixing the Online Plumbing

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. Columbia University’s engineering school is experiencing a surge of interest in its online programs after partnering with a start-up that promises to find universities the online students they should be enrolling in the first place. Read more...

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5e édition des "rencontres bretonnes des TICE et du e-learning"

05 juin 2015
Où : Rennes 35300
Lien : Programme
Contact et information pratique : Accès gratuit Inscription obligatoire 
La 5e édition des "rencontres bretonnes des TICE et du e-learning" sera consacrée à un cycle de conférences sur les MOOC à la faculté Place Hoche Université Rennes1 . 
Ces rencontres seront publiques et accessibles en présentiel à Rennes et à distance par classe virtuelle.

Présentation des intervenantsInscription. Voir l'article...

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30 mai 2015

Champagne Campus, une formation en ligne interactive

Le Comité interprofessionnel du vin de champagne (CIVC) a mis sur pied son premier programme de e-learning accessible sur : www.champagnecampus.fr.
Le parcours est adapté aux connaissances de l'internaute avec 3 parcours, selon le niveau et les objectifs depuis un ordinateur, un smartphone ou une tablette.

Démonstration : https://youtu.be/vqeES0CYYQo. Voir l'article...

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26 mai 2015

EDEN Annual Conference 2015, Barcelona, Spain (9-12 June 2015)

Strong Universities for EuropeThe European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) Annual Conference 2015 will take place in Barcelona from 9 to 12 June 2015.
The conference will focus on expanding learning scenarios and will showcase developments in ICT, open and distance learning and education from all over the world.
The conference is being co-organised by Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). For more information, please visit the event website. More...

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